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for Submit Your Own OCs: A series of requests

2/24/2018 c1 LadyGatomon97
Okay so here is mine. Sorry this is so late I just joined.

Name: Yukina (prefers to be called Yuki) Hinata

Age: 15 (but looks 14 cause she's so short)

Key trait: Courage. She is very brave but at times reckless

Personality: Sarcastic and hot headed. She tend to swear a lot but she is fiercly loyal to the people whom she loves. She is a major tsundere when it comes to relationships and will most likely beat up anyone who flirts with her but if she returns his feelings she will shout at him to hold still while she looks at his wounds

Appearance: porcelain skin, right eye jade green, left eye hazel, blonde hair up in a ponytail, bangs covering her left eye

The clothes they wear in the human world: green short sleeve t shirt, blue jean shorts, brown lace up hiking boots, brown gloves, bandaged up to her elbows, green rubber band holding up her hair

The clothes they wear in the digital world: white tank top, blue jean jacket, brown shorts, red converse, brown gloves, bandaged up to her elbows, black beanie, hair is now down reaching her waist but still covering her left eye

Partnered with

Korormon(In-Training): pink rabbit head with red eyes and sharp teeth

Attacks: Bubble Pop

Agumon(Rookie): small yellow dinosaur with red straps on his arms

Attacks: Pepper Breathe, Spitfire Blast, Sharp Claw, Baby Volcano, Sharper Claw, Baby Claw

GeoGreymon(Champion): an orange dinosaur with blue stripes, red straps and and a brown helmet

Attacks: Mega Flame, Mega Burst, Horn Impulse, Mega Shot, Mega Roar, Mega Volcano

RizeGreymon(Ultimate): what I said above but some parts of his body have been replaced with machinery

Attacks: Trident Revolver, Rising Destroyer, Solid Strike, Crack Bullet, Barrel Smash, Barrel Blow, Heavy Barrel

ShineGreymon(Mega): humanoid dragon covered in white and red armor

Attacks: Glorious Burst, Shining Blast, GeoGrey Sword, Shine Hammer, Sparkle Shoot, Corona Splash

Digimon's partner personality: Agumon (called Gadian by Yuki) is an aloof goof who doesn't care about what anyone says about him. He loves to fight, sleep, and eat. He is very protective of Yuki however and will turn chaotic in a matter of seconds if she is messed with.

Family: Lillian George (mother) ? Hinata (father), Haruka Hinata (twin brother), Aiko Hinata (little sister)

Likes: music, soccer, star gazing, skate boarding, video games

Dislikes: idiots, people making fun of her eyes, veggies, people picking fun at her family, her dad

Other notable comments: Her father abused her and her siblings which is why her arms are bandaged up. She cares for her siblings deeply after her father left when she was five. Her sister is crippled and her brother is blind so she grew up learning to care for them. She helps her mother most of the time but she is very insecure about her eyes since she is bullied for it. She is very athletic but is the only girl on the soccer team. It takes a long time to earn her trust and any boy who liked her would probably have to chase her.

What I look for in her romantic interest: Someone who understands how she feels and finds her eyes beautiful. He wouldn't be afraid to be found spending time with her and someone not too dramatic. Basically, someone who accepts her for who she really is.
6/26/2014 c1 Tsuki Tsukiyo
Name: Tsuki Tsukiyo
Age: 19
Key Trait (Crest): Loyalty
Personality: Silent, cool, caring, and calm. She's a gamer, but if you get to know her she could be friendly. She's also really scary if you mess with her, her friends, and most importantly, her games.
Appearance: Black straight layered hip-length hair (She usual ties it in a high ponytail) with fringe over right eye, pure black eyes with specks of gold, and 2 piercings along the bottom of her ears.
The clothes she wears in the human world: Black 3/4 turtleneck, black skinny jeans with chains, and dark brown combat boots.
The clothes she wears in the digital world: Black off the shoulders shirt with sleeves to her elbows, black tank top underneath, black mid-thigh shorts with chains, dark brown combat boots, and black fingerless gloves to her wrists.
Partnered With:
Viximon (In-training): Pictures on Google.
Attacks: Killing Stone - Changes into a stone that spouts a toxic gas at the foe.
Renamon (Rookie): Pictures on Google.
Attacks: Diamond Storm - Spins to create a storm of sharp leaves thrown at the foe, Power Paw - Engulfs fists and feet in a raging inferno of blue flames to attack and burn the foe.
Kyuubimon (Champion): Pictures on Google.
Attacks: Dragon Wheel - Spins very fast that creates an inferno which turns her into a ball of blue fire then she summons a mystical dragon at the foe, Fox Tail Inferno - The blue flames on her tail creates small fireballs is launched at the foe.
Sakuyamon (Ultimate): Pictures on Google.
Attacks: Spirit Strike - Attacks the foe with the 4 kuda-gitsune from her staff, Twin Blades of Beauty and of Truth - Her staff creates 2 pink rings of energy around itself to form a barrier of cherry blossom petals, Amethyst Wind - Unleashes a storm of purifying cherry blossoms.
Digimon Partner's Personality: Renamon is a bit more talkative than Tsuki, but the same amount of calmness, Tsuki used to distance herself from Renamon but she finds her way into becoming Tsuki's closest friend.
Family: All dead.
Likes and Dislikes: Likes - Playing video games, peace and quiet, digimon, Dislikes - Jerks, Noise, Drama.
Other notable comments: She's tall, and she distances herself from others because if they would get hurt around her (That's how her parents died), but she doesn't distance herself from Renamon.
4/15/2014 c1 Maleun Kangaji
Name: Dhalia (No, it isn't a type-o) and no last name
Age: 19
Key trait (Crest): Honesty
Personality: a bit of a loner. She draws a lot, as it seems that pencils are her only 'friends', and is a natural at singing. Although, she only does these two things when she's alone.
Appearance: Similar to Agn├Ęs Oblige except her hair is dark blue
Clothes in human world: really long dress that's hard, but not impossible, to run in.
Clothes in digital world: similar to Eren from attack on titan
Partnered with: Um... is it okay if I make her the legendary warrior of hope?
Human Evolution: Lapucismon -
Beast Evolution: Jakunismon -
Fusion Evolution: Celialunamon -
Family: her parents are Ophanimon and Seraphimon
Likes and Dislikes: Likes to sing, draw, and dancing, the dark, and quiet Dislike: too much noise, the light, frogs
Other: Only nice to people who deserve it.
3/14/2014 c1 8Melloyellowphase
Here is my Oc..Sorry if its..too detailed

Name: Andrea Hojo

Age:15 soon to be 16

Gender: female

Appearance / Outfit: She is 5'3",110, with tan skin and shoulder length black hair which she keeps in a ponytail. She also has hazel colored eyes. She wears a black tank top with a blue denim jacket and black shorts. She wears black combat boots as well.

Outfit in Digital World (optional):She has goghles with green glass around her neck.

Personality:She has a loner personality that often is mistaken for being mean. Thing is, is that she isnt very good at making friends. It had always been a bit akward to her. For the most part she's very loyal abd trusting once you get to know her. She also is very smart as she likes to read to keep herself from getting bored.

Hobbies (optional):Her hobbies is drawing and reading. She likes to make up creatures and give them backstories.

Family (if worth mentioning):Her mother, she only lives with her mom as she is an only child and since her mom is a laywer; shes never home.

Basic History/Bio:Andrea was born Febuary 17. Her mom raised her as a single mom as the father remarried. For a whilr they lived with her grandmother and as a result she is much closer to her grandmother than her mom. Then when her mom got a job theu moved far away from her grandma. Because she was always left alone and to her imagenation she was a bit out of tune with the socal structure. When school started she was signaled out for it. As she got older she wasnt so bothered by it and learned to love the loner thing.


Digimon Partner: Melodomon

Partner Evolution Line:Melodomom, Remon, Symphonmon,Classicomon.

Melodomon: A round body with rest signs(music term) as ears and wings. Its round body is yellow in color with black ears and wings. Its eyes are a dark blue. It is a music type. Its two attacks are Silence boom and Bee Blast. Silence boom is simlar to that of Terriermon's Buddy Blast. Bee Blast is darts made of energy that cone out if its butt.

Remon: Wolf like digimon, its fur is black in color except for a,white underbelly and paws. Its has eigth notes as ears and tail. Right on its forehead is a whole note. Its eyes are yellow. Its attacks are 57 Growls(Its a play on words from the song 57 trabones) and Remon's Inferno.(Its a song, Dante's Inferno.) 57 Growls releases strings of diffrent blues at its opponit and wrappes around it; its squeezes untill it dies. Remon's Inferno released a flamming ball of fire from its mouth.

Symphonmon: Its is humanoid in shape, except it is dressed in a dark blue monk cloak and a Treble Cleft simbol on its forhead that is also dark blue. It is a constrast of its grey skin. Its ears are like an elf's pointed and black claws. It also has yellow Dragontype wings that it uses to fly. It's three attacks are Flight of the Dragonfly(Flight of the bumblebee), Sutra of Balance, and Dance of Blades. Flight of the Drangonfly, Symphonmon's Treble cled sign glows yellow as measure if music creates a circle around him. Then it is brought in to its prayer hands and shoots out an electro sphere. Sutra of Blance, a full moon appeares behind him as its cloak glows and eyes appear all around. This attack brings our your polar opposite and pits them againist you. Dance of Blades, he has daggers in his hand and he shoots them at you. Once in comes into contact with an object it exsplodes.

Musicomon: Its sleek, scaly, black body is that of an Drangon with 8 wings on each side. It has a yellow gem as a third eye. It is very regal and mysterious. He's attacks are Syphonic Charge, Opus's revelation , Fortissimo's Fate, Crescendo of the Heavens. Syphonic Charge, he roars and a blue engery Musicomon charges at the enemy full speed with blue fire. Then impact smashes the enemy to pieces of data. Opus's revelation, strange designs representing the 8 element circle around him. Any such attack is obsorbed, amplifed and sent right back. Fortissimo's Fate, a gaint roulette table appeares underneat the opponet, which ever it lands on is what ever happends to the enemy. Crescendo of the Heavens, Musicomon's roar stars low and get louder exponentially as it sends giant sound waves that shatter just about anything its directed 's

Personality: The partener's personality is almost the exzact opposite. Where's Andrea is a loner, Melodomon is a social butterfly.

Partner Other? None
3/11/2014 c1 1Kairi Avalon
Name: Kira Misaki
Age: 15
Key trait(Crest): you can decide

Personality: She is a tomboy who is caring, outgoing, kindhearted, headstrong, and a bit short tempered. She is very passionate about everything she does. She never gives anything a half-hearted effort. She is very authoritative and extremely self-confident. She knows exactly what she can do, and she believes that if she puts her mind to it, she can accomplish anything. She is also very proud, but her sense of pride is so high that it is usually difficult for her to admit when she is wrong. However, she has been known to admit it in some rare instances. No matter what she might be feeling, she constantly projects a strong front, even when she is really scared, sad, or hurting on the inside. This is because she is not very open about her feelings.

Appearance: long wavy brown with blond highlights hair and dark blue eyes. She has sided bangs. She has pale but fair skin and athletic build.
Real World clothes: black beanie hat, short sleeves shirt(you can decide what it look likes and what color),dark blue jeans, black wristbands, sneakers(black/white),pendant
Digital World clothes: red short sleeves unziped jacket, black fingerless gloves, pendant, baseball cap(you can decide what color and what it look likes),black short sleeves shirt, dark blue jeans, dark brown boots-her hair is up into a ponytail
Digimon partner: Strabimon
Personality: He is level headed, kindhearted, caring, cool, calm, collected, down to earth, a wise crack, courageous, and sincere with a strong sense of justice. He is the voice of reasons.
Family: She live in a big house next to a dojo with her grandpa(martial art teacher),little brother(age 10),her German Shepherd Lab mix named Cody, her ferret named Hana, and dad(detective)
Likes: singing, music, camping, martial arts(judo, karate, kendo),hiking, soccer, lacrosse, arts, dancing, skateboarding, skiing, snowboarding, surfing
Dislikes: bullies, cruel people, clowns, snakes
Other: She learn martial arts from her grandpa. She is half American and half Japanese. She can cook, draw, paint, and bake. She plays the guitar, piano, saxophone, and harmonica.

You can make some changes to her. Strabimon as a different digivolution. You can make up his baby and In-Training form to. His champion form is Fenrimon and his Ultimate form you can made up.
3/11/2014 c1 3Silverwing2008
NAme:Anastasia "Damon" Ichijouji
Pic:(pic . /_ )
Partner Digimon:Lunamon (pic . /_cb20081015153702/digimon/images/5/59/Lunamon_ )
Digivice:(pic images?qtbn:ANd9GcTwkDVPVE8XwCXB1qS-IvdxkSyc4HTHo8mTcOORYzKjUkhPbrtyJQ)
Relations to any canons?:Married to Ken Ichijouji
Personality:Sweet and kind, but is bit fierce. She'll be the best friend you have, but does often tend to be harsh and snarky at times.
Bio{at least 4 lines please}:A Digidestined who came in Adventure 02 as the Digimon Empress alongside Ken as the Emperor. Her partner back then was Still Lunamon, as she's been a stapel but she also had Coronamon which she later gave to Kari Kamiya at the end of season 2. These days, Anastasia defends the digital world and ha sbeen in every team to date. The only one she was not in was Tai's original damon's sister.
Theme SOng{optional}:The Last Time-Within Temptation, and Hishoku no SOra

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