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5/21 c7 Cherubim22
I loved chapter 7. I thank you for sharing your writing talents.
4/26 c6 Guest
this would be a good full story
2/23/2021 c24 2Ghostisreading
I love all of your one-shots!
7/9/2020 c24 Obobwinner
I love these so much. They are interesting fun and engaging. Each has so much potential. Thank you
9/6/2019 c1 fishtrek
I just read all of the profiles and loved them. So many different scenarios. Great ideas, all. Thanks.
7/21/2019 c11 Guest
Honestly the whole classified shit just made it silly and seem more of a joke disappointed
3/24/2019 c11 Guest
I loved this! Fics showing how amazingly hyper-competent Reid is are always great.
12/21/2018 c11 1sessrian
I really hope you write a whole story with this one
12/21/2018 c19 sessrian
I really really hope you write a whole story with this one
12/21/2018 c18 sessrian
I love this and hope you write more to it
8/2/2018 c21 6Zaria Lianna
I apologize for my comments. I hadn't reached this not about unfinished chapters
8/2/2018 c4 Zaria Lianna
a lot of these chapters are only half done. what happened?
8/2/2018 c3 Zaria Lianna
where's the rest?
7/19/2018 c24 spxxxxx
Well, the stories are really amazing plots with really good writing. What makes me fall in love is the way you describe Reid's character. It was just so perfect. Although the stories are not complete, thank you for uploading them.
5/3/2018 c1 12MW3addict
Although these are all incomplete, i am really glad you posted them anyway. Sometimes, even just writing a scene is enough for the imagination.
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