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for Dragon Ball Z- Day of Lavos

11/19/2017 c4 Rafael
Good job dude but it's a shame that you simply stopped writing this story, I wish I could read the end of it.
8/27/2014 c4 9BeerusUzumaki
This is an amazing story and I hope you continue it!
4/26/2014 c4 3DarkMatter777
Other than your chapters being a little too short by my standards. You're doing a pretty good job. You're a good story teller, and easy to follow. I look forward to seeing how Goku gets out of fighting cell and whoever else that could have escaped from death. Keep it coming my friend!
4/3/2014 c3 DarkMatter777
Super Saiyan chaos. I like that concept! While it was a little too brief, I enjoyed it. I like where this is going man, keep it up. I look forward to seeing more chapters!
3/13/2014 c1 DarkMatter777
Hey disregard what I said about posting two of the same chapters, it seemed that my internet was messing up or something. Terribly sorry about that, keep up the good work!
3/13/2014 c2 DarkMatter777
You got some potential here. I look forward to seeing where this is going! Btw I'm sure that this was not your intention but you ended up posting the same chapter twice, you may want to consider dealing with that before the mods notice it!

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