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for The Eyes Are The Windows To The Truth

10/16/2015 c18 2Irina Hunter
Please finish the story. It was just getting interesting!
10/16/2015 c2 Irina Hunter
If Darmion is Isabella's nephew, then his mother should be her older sister, not her older cousin.
1/14/2015 c18 ivanganev1992
Please rewrite that story . This is the chance for Hicup to survive without amputation . (left leg loss)
9/20/2014 c18 a random person
Please continue this story. Chapters ,even bad ones, aren't that bad.
9/22/2014 c18 3SkyraBlue
Please coninue or Atleast tell us what happens!
9/21/2014 c17 1nojeneng
I think you should finish the story and do the tidbit thing with Isabella's parts. Besides, we still need to see what the stones are gonna be important for... Or was that already mentioned and I just forgot? Anyway, it's a great story and if you do end up discontinuing it, pretty please PM me how it turns out :)
9/21/2014 c18 2murdermewithfeelspls
(starts bawling) nuuuuu please oh please continue! waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa D'X
9/21/2014 c15 murdermewithfeelspls
lol the kissing song nice one
9/20/2014 c18 8sweetsnakes
Speed it up, but don't forget the reactions of the teens when they get the dragons.
9/20/2014 c18 1Pablo 504
I do want you to finish this story, I love your writting skills and it would be nice to see how this story ends. :3
9/20/2014 c18 AnimeGamerGirl23
Hi I'm new on here can u pleaz continue this story I love this one
9/20/2014 c18 1mystiquemagic152
Continue your story! Pretty please with a cherry on top? I want you to continue.
9/20/2014 c18 3Blue - The First Traveller
Yay. The new chapter I can't wait to read this masterpiece of-
(20 minutes later)
i am going to go cry now...
8/12/2014 c17 4Beautiful dreaming warrior
I am really in love with Isabella's personality and her dragon/snake Slither/Serpentina/Nathara. They are so sassy and I love how Astrid was jealous because she thought that Isabella and Hiccup were dating. May you please update?
7/12/2014 c17 a random person
This is an amazing story/fanfic! You tell the movie/story well and I like how you put your OCs into the story too. Please update soon. Um, are you going to put Isabella in how to train your dragon 2? That was awesome! I think they will make a HTTYD 3! Have your read the how to train your dragon BOOK SERIES by Cressida Cowell? Its really good but the movie is really different from the book for example Hiccup isn't as good looking, there's no Astrid, Tuff and Ruff nut, Fishleg's description is really different and there are loads of other differences but both versions of How to Train Your Dragon are amazing and awesome! So please update this. If you do put Isabella in HTTYD 2 then I suggest that she has been living in berk for a while because she's kinda dead. So bye and pplleeaassee update soon.
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