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for A Bear and a Cat

11/4/2017 c19 12Burnehn
I am so very glad it ended this way. You have my thanks for penning such an entertaining read!
7/20/2015 c17 Guest
Great to see a new chapter again! A little sad that it only has a few chapters left, though.
7/18/2015 c1 Guest
Great story, really interesting and unique concept. I look forward to you next update!
10/27/2014 c13 Guest Q
To who?
9/21/2014 c12 Guest
I'll be honest, it's been quite a long time since I last read a story on here. I'm pleased to see that this is the one I found first. Grammar is exceptional, and the story itself is entertaining to read. Even went back and read the story in its' entirety a second time. Heck, I might just read it again after I'm done with this review. Keep writing this story, please. I can't wait to see what happens next!
9/21/2014 c12 Guest Q
Tullius still alive? This should be interesting.
8/30/2014 c11 DragonsDeadAndDancing
He better Shouts 'maar', there are already too many Nord who call every mer 'little Elf'. Thanks for explaining!
8/25/2014 c11 Dragonbornwanderer
God this is a really awesome story, it shows a lot of stuff that I wish would happen I'm elder scrolls, the only flaw I saw is you said the davahkiin posed as a thalmor agent from Morrowind, the great houses have nothing to do with the thalmor or the empire but still keep it up this is awesome
8/13/2014 c10 3FrizFr0z
It's really hard not to smile as I read through the earlier chapters. The brashfulness of Siltuzma is really entertaining. After all, who doesn't love when the Dragonborn gives a few sordid folk a little Fus tumble? :)

And then, well... that escalated quickly. Following!
8/13/2014 c10 DragonsDeadAndDancing
Wonderful story! You did a great job inventing some stuff for the Altmeri society, and I like the combination of elven and draconic features, which are almost polar opposites, in Siltuzma. Speaking of her...what should 'ma' mean? Sil is soul, tuz is blade, I got that. Is it short for 'maar' terror?
7/2/2014 c9 1Viper1542
I am just chanting in my head that rulindil or elenwen dies I don't care just kill a EVIL thalmor
5/5/2014 c7 Kelleighlizz
Looking forward to the next chapter :)
4/14/2014 c1 Kelleighlizz
Another marvelous story! follow forever!

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