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for A Rock Stars Heart Beat

5/6/2014 c2 1babiiboo316
I love the idea of their clothes. I say Lila with Arine, Sheena with Eugene, and Nadie with Pea pod kid. I can't wait to read what happens. This is getting good
3/20/2014 c1 babiiboo316
I like your idea it's very good. I like it. I think you should continue into present day having Helga and Arnold meet at a concert she's doing with her group. Also make it to where she doesn't remember him until they speak to eachother.I can't wait to read the next chapter keep it up I'll follow this story until the end :)
3/15/2014 c1 Guest
Such interesting fic plz keep going update soon!
3/14/2014 c1 Nep2uune
That was really a cute way they met. It was so sad they didn't pick her up from preschool. I'm surprised she knew her way home at that age. Please update when you can.
3/14/2014 c1 7Jughead4Life
This is going to be a Awesome story

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