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for A Hero for Middle Earth

9/13 c23 Velin63
I'm disappointed this is abandoned
8/30 c3 3jiubantai-taicho
I read your post chapter notes and you seem to be nerfing the Percy Jackson Titans and Gods in fact I don’t doubt that Atlas could match Tulkas any day and other Titans and Olympians could match the other Valar and minor gods the Maiar so I don’t see why Percy would be beaten by 4 Nazgûl when in fact their power is mostly in their aura of terror and other such abilities that they posses not in their overwhelming physical strength and by simply being able to ignore it Percy should have a big advantage.
6/28 c4 Zbang07
Percy should have absolutely decimated the riders and your explanation of they can't die and Percy is still getting used to the world doesn't make sense. If he was only using his powers and you said that he was still getting acclimated it would have made sense, but his skill with riptide alone should have been more the enough to beat the riders. Also, your gonna need to buff Sauron into the stratosphere for him not to get beat by Percy because
Beat Ares at age 12
Went toe to toe with friggen Atlas at age 14 and held up the sky right after
Went blow for blow and beat several other titans and gods
Decimated like 200 monsters in the Battle of New York with ease
Absolutely wiped the floor with Hyperion
Went toe to toe with Kronos on multiple occasions
Helped kill giants several different times throughout HoO
Some of these opponents are on the same level as Morgoroth so I don't see any way in which Percy doesn't destroy Sauron, much less a handful of riders. The good news is that we're still early in the story which means that there is a lot of room for improvement. If Percy doesn't get his game together soon, it's not gonna be a very fun story. Got High Hopes but Low Expectations
6/28 c3 Zbang07
"The Black Riders may be the stuff straight out of nightmares, but they were nowhere near as bad as the stuff out of my nightmares"
Honestly one of the better Percy Jackson quotes I've found
6/16 c23 Literary Consumer
Loved this update. Even if it was a slower chapter the information and conversation is so necessary and enjoyable to read!
6/8 c23 44Black' Victor Cachat
Whelp, Percy made a big "Whooooops" with Saruman which may have some very serious repercussions. Plus yeah believable would be some tension amongst the people of Rohan, because Humans are emotional beings, and concerns Percy may want to stay and rule.

Good touch with Sauron in that his answer to Percy's power is working to corrupt him.

LOL how long until the Fellowship actually gets that leash? :-P

Disappointed no more demigods, particularly Annabeth, but yes might make things too easy then.

Keep it up! :-D
6/6 c23 LegendaryOdin29
Yo this has been such a great story, completely enthralled in it, but now that I read the last chapter I can't help but want to see the ending to this. Your a great author keep up the good work and please update the story I gotta know what happens next.
4/30 c23 Ltbutterfly287
Great you have all these ideas but you have basically stopped updating it for 7 months
4/30 c14 Ltbutterfly287
Im starting to get really fucking am owned with Percy and how much of a pussy you seem to think he is. Getting shot by an arrow or slashed wouldn’t make him crumble to the ground. Percy has a ridiculous tolerance for pain seeing how he went into the river styx which causes you to feel like your entire body is slowly being destroyed. I’m getting really fucking tired of Percy being decommissioned in every fight because he took one hit. Not to mention that you’ve basically made him a normal human with water powers, he’s a demigod none of them are human, he can process and react to everything faster, he has more then enough endurance to keep up with legolas, and he would be perfectly capable of battling a Uruk hai with his bare hands. Instead he’s weak as fuck has decent endurance and has the pain tolerance of a baby.
4/30 c11 Ltbutterfly287
Seriously dude what the fuck are you doing. This is literally the most needed Percy I have ever seen. The ring empowered him but the minute it was destroyed he was essentially bitch slapped away. Percy literally held the sky he may not be as strong as Heracles but he should have been able to lock blades with a balrog or atleast stand his ground. You had him lose the confrontation because he felt the need to force the original plot to happen exactly as it did originally.
4/30 c10 Ltbutterfly287
Percy really should have been able to kill the troll with minimal difficulty. Once again that thing would be no stronger then the Minotaur. Honestly the only challenge they would encounter for Percy is the balrog unless you mean to tell me giants and Titans are weaker then trolls.
4/30 c9 Ltbutterfly287
You honestly seem to have buffed Sauron quite a bit. The balrog in Moria was in no way a follower of Sauron. Balrogs only followed morgoth and no one else.
4/30 c3 Ltbutterfly287
It seems fairly obvious you are going to grossly buff everything in this and need Percy by this point. Ring wraiths wouldn’t have been to much of a problem for Percy whatsoever. And their strength would have been nothing to Percy, he’s not Heracles but seriously when he was twelve he literally tore off a Minotaurs horn and has been trading blows with beings capable of toppling buildings. The strength behind a raingwraiths blow should and would have been nothing. Also he’s a demigod he would have been able to react to a sword strike coming at him from that close. At the end of the day Percy is far more powerful and stronger then Aragorn by miles but Aragorn literall the wraiths and Percy couldn’t.
4/16 c23 3bring the money
Love this story! It's very interesting and pretty original as far as I'm aware. Keep up the good work!
4/14 c2 sirashacunia
That authors note on the old English just showed me again how similar to German it is.
"I believe" in German would be "Ich glaube"
and "You believe" would be "Du glaubst"
At some point English dropped that complexity where German kept it
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