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9/3/2003 c4 8Kyra2
He should be more concerned about where the talisman has gone than the fact that it's missing. Someone could use that without too much trouble. The Heralds won't have trouble crossing the plain because the companions mark them as welcome.
8/22/2003 c3 Kyra2
Not entirely sure how I missed that this had been updated. But am glad about it nonetheless. Has been a long time since 've seen it touched. Hope you plan on doing so again soon.

Duo as a leader...it's so..unusual.
8/9/2003 c3 14AikoNamika
Kata Shin'a'in, not Kaled'a'in. The Kaled'a'in are the root peoples from which both the Shin'a'in and the Tayledras come from, and is held alive by the k'Leshya Clan.

Anyway, this is fairly good! Nice way of blending the two worlds, and not making it so that those who haven't read the books can't understand.

And, uh...Companions *are* born naturally. And they originate from Baron Valdemar's time (full story in Arrows of the Queen). It's just the Grove Born Companions who aren't naturally born. And there's usually no more than one alive at a time.

Sorry if I sound nitpicky, but I've been reading the Velgarth/Valdemar books for years. *sweatdrop*
8/8/2003 c1 5Emily Hato
ooh! I love this. I am especially glad that your writing does Mercedes Lackeys justice. This is very good, but you may want to change it so un logined users can review... I don't have time to read all of now but I will put on my fav's list and read later! (warning later is after my vacation... sorry!)
1/21/2003 c2 10Herald Mistylenna
I love both Gundam Wing and Heralds of Valdemar. Great story, I hope you update it very soon.
10/22/2002 c2 8Kyra2
Very nice. I like the way you've integrated the characters and added your own ideas to this without making it unrecognizable.

Is there going to be a Falconsbane equivalent in this? Are Heero and Quatre going to be making an appearance soon? You are planning on continuing aren't you?

Good way to portray Wufei, by the way. He makes an excellent priest.
10/18/2002 c2 15Rocky Oberlin
Not bad, not bad at all. I liked it. Duo, Trowa, and Wufei are going to the Tayladras, hmm? Only a couple of things I noticed that wasn't really in the books. Heralds don't need MindSpeech to talk with their Companions, Talia (an Empath) did fine with just pictures and feelings from Rolan. Companions are born, just one is Grove born (well, two if you count Elspeth's Gwena). And Karse had a God, not a Goddess, while Vadlemar didn't have one religion. Other then that, I think you did a wonderful job and don't mind the small stuff. I've just been reading it for a long time (and a lot).
10/17/2002 c1 8Phoenix Storms
I like it, wonderful plot and I love how you've created this whole other world. Looks to me like it's going to be a great story! Hope to see more soon. ; )

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