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11/22 c10 2WoNdEr GrAy
up fucking date your story ! wow it is so full of angst i LOVE IT !
8/15 c10 Adonisx
this is also the absolute worse place to end on a cliff hanger!
7/17 c10 2Head Auror Avenger of Five-0
I know it's been 6 years, but this story is amazing! Any possibility you could continue this story?
7/3 c10 Guest
It was painful to read that last chapter. Please Please update.
5/25 c10 chadricarafanan
Pleeeeaaaaassse continue even just 1 chapter. I want to know what happens next, to get some closure.
5/16 c10 2lkdaswani
Please please update! I can't wait to see where this goes? Who will Harry finally be paired with? Will he become an avenger? So many questions- please update! 3
4/26 c7 Guest
Not again..
4/26 c5 Guest
Harry is so weak here
4/26 c3 Guest
Ughh..even without dumbledork influence harry still has hero complex..aiii..
3/21 c10 1huongdaoroma
It was getting to the climax too! Welp too bad that a good story was abandoned...
3/20 c3 Oxymironic
Aaannd... this chapter killed it for me. the last 2 parts just completely sunk it.
3/3 c9 hdres
Great story. I really enjoyed how you interwove HP with Iron Man plus the interactions of Harry and Tony as his dad were very believable and entertaining. I hope you one day come back to finish this but if not thank you for sharing your story.
2/15 c10 Guest
Shame you have given up on this story, it's really good. Thanks for sharing.
2/11 c10 2BookFan96
I wish that you had continued this
1/25 c10 James
;A; how is this all there is, it's so good ;n;;; /)
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