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6/7/2015 c1 alcamoth
Rereading this I realize that since Lex is technically Pit and Kite's son (with your talk about genetics and whatnot), Lex is hitting on his own mother .-.
6/11/2014 c2 2Archer-of-Despair
That's a brilliant idea Pitta
6/11/2014 c1 Archer-of-Despair
Ok u can help pls tell me ur ideas
6/9/2014 c24 1lyndon
do a sequel
5/20/2014 c4 5X-ray99
Do Kite' wings glow a certain color when she flies?
5/18/2014 c24 alcamoth
Angie- *sniff* It's over! Waaah!
Crystal- Hey, at least she's not disappearing forever or something.
Josh- It specifically said she'd be back soon.
Mudkip- Altogether, great story. I loved it. :)
5/16/2014 c23 alcamoth
5/14/2014 c22 alcamoth
Angie- Hurrah! Lex and Jack are dead!
Crystal- But Kite might be dead as well...
Josh- Heh, turns out there are a LOT of songs called "Monster"...
5/11/2014 c21 alcamoth
Angie- (singing) It's hiding in the dark, it's teeth are razor sharp, there's no escape for her it's want her soul it wants her heart! No one can hear her scream, maybe it's just a dream, maybe it's inside of her! Stop this monste!
Crystal- Stop singing the song "Monster", except replacing the words I and me with "her"!
Angie- What? It's fitting!
Josh- Yeah...
5/9/2014 c20 alcamoth
Angie- I feel special. :D
Crystal- Hmmmm... Wonder who "they" are...
Josh- Do I get a say on this?
Angie dumps her popcorn on Josh's head.
Angie- Nope!
5/7/2014 c19 alcamoth
Angie drops her bowl of popcorn in shock.
Angie- This is OUTRAGEOUS! I demand a rematch! I want my money back!
Crystal- Oh come on! That was only three paragraphs! Totally unfair!
Josh- And the winner takes girl rule is so... So.. Argh!
Crystal- Because if you were in that, we'd all know how that would end. (smirks)
Angie- Ha! He'd be sliced up in seconds!
Josh- ...
Crystal- Don't worry, I'd help you.
She kisses him on the cheek.
Chorus of aws fill the area.
Angie- Wait, we're being watched?
5/5/2014 c18 Fizz the Franken-Weasel
jack is one a-hole pardon my language
5/5/2014 c18 alcamoth
Angie- Give me a P!
Crystal- Why?
Angie- Just do it!
Crystal- *sigh* P.
Angie- Give me an I!
Josh- I?
Angie- Give me a T!
Crystal- ... T.
Angie- What does that spell?
Josh- Pit?
Angie- WOOO! GO PIT!
5/2/2014 c17 alcamoth
Speaking of genetics, Jack technically created Lex, so...
Jerkiness runs in the "family"!
And drama ensues between the three angels... (rubs hands evily)
4/30/2014 c16 alcamoth
Oh noes! OoO
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