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9/13/2014 c19 Emipops
I completely fell in-love with this. mainly because it reminds me of my first relationship like that. amazing job. i cannot wait to read more of your work.
8/24/2014 c2 AragornII
Interesting...appreciate your willingness to blaze new paths...
8/10/2014 c19 1mnmpowers
I've been with this story for a little bit. I always felt like it wasn't well organized and it was hard to understand sometimes but I just couldn't let it go. They are so fucking cute together. I really hope you do some one-shots.
8/9/2014 c19 LalaSianLovegood
Wow! A great chapter! ;)
8/6/2014 c19 32Poetheather1
This was really sweet. Good sex after a problem like that can let everyone know that things are ok. I really enjoyed this story as it had good and consistent characterization, a natural development of their relationship, and an excellent representation of a poly family. Very Well Done!
8/3/2014 c19 Pride365
I wish they had gotten married...but this was a great story.
8/1/2014 c18 12DevlinGrace
Oddly enough I think the whole Harry thing did serve its purpose insofar as it finally quelled any doubts Ginny might have had about where her heart truly lay... in the arms of her two girls...
7/31/2014 c18 Guest
great chapter
7/31/2014 c18 LalaSianLovegood
Another great chapter - I feel like we see a slightly different side to Hermione here which is really great.
7/31/2014 c18 32Poetheather1
Wow... that's rough. I feel bad for Ginny. And for Hermione, who was trying but still upset. That had to hurt.
7/27/2014 c17 Pride365
I hope Harry breaks up with Ginny soon!
7/27/2014 c17 LalaSianLovegood
Another great chapter!
7/26/2014 c17 evilXtwinz
Love the story but not much of a fan of the Harry thing but yeah keep it up.
7/26/2014 c17 12DevlinGrace
Still not so sure...
7/26/2014 c16 DevlinGrace
Yeah... not so sure about the Harry thing... I'll give you a few more chapters to see where this going but I just don't feel he needed to be added
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