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8/16 c5 Born2Run
Redemption song chapter 5

Another epic chapter for epic story really feels like every chapter has been better than the last and it seems real progress will finally be made in the upcoming one. While on the surface it seems not much happened in this chapter yet at same time this is further from the truth as we are seeing that by taking an active part in helping the village Shinji is beginning heal and unknowns to him mentally preparing himself to finally mend his relationship with Asuka and himself. I enjoy how noble Shinji is here as he feels inclined to do whatever he can to help out despite him being in no condition mentally or physically to do so. I loved his interactions with everyone especially Ryoji and Hikira’s father you can really tell how much he’s mentally healed in the short time he has been at the village. His second visit to Toji’s house alone shows what monumental progress he’s made as his behavior is like night and day from his visit in the last chapter. It’s a beautiful thing to see that something as simple and a hard day’s work can not only help bring purpose but actual joy into his life. I feel it’s an enduring way of having Shinji try to prove to himself that he can actually do something and not cause others pain in doing so. The realization of why Ryoji never got to meet his parents and the wanders knocking right on safety’s door are both enormous hurdles that Shinji’s faces in this chapter and I liked how they both nearly broke him but he is able to willpower through. Also seeing Asuka’s reaction to Shinji highlighting beautiful with a symbol of her was glorious. Her front of pretending not to care is really starting the crack to the point where she can’t even control her actions and I enjoyed how you put great emphasize and why she’s the way she is in the first place as its been her way of survival for all these years. The firewood carrying scene was a simple and yet extremely effective way to show just how serious Shinji is in redeeming his actions as common sense and care for his physical wellbeing are not an option, the only thing that matters is to do everything in his power to make things rights. This mentality is both noble and heartbreaking while also giving the reader a glimpse of what he will most certainly put himself through in the battle to come. Lastly I loved the way you ended the chapter with Asuka finally taking the initiative to chat with Shinji upon hearing he wished to do so. This next chapter seems to be the possible big turning point in both pilots learning to open up to each other and I’m absolutely pumped.
7/24 c7 Guest
I’m new to this setting but I hope for your continuation of this story as it’s wonderful. Good luck!
7/19 c4 Born2Run
Chapter 4 of Rebuild of Eva Rebuild and I’m happy to say this chapter definitely didn’t disappoint. Prior to this point we have seen glimpses hope in the horrific situation Shinji has been placed in but this is the chapter where we finally get to see our broken hero not only get some much needed positive interactions but also start to show signs of growth. Watching him enter the village only to be shocked on how well he is being treated is reassuring yet also completely heartbreaking as it paints how damaged his already weak sense of worth has become. Toji once again shines in this chapter being the caring figure Shinji is in desperate need of. He along with newly introduced Hikari and Kensuke show great patience and a deep understanding of both Shinji and Asuka’s situation and seeing their endless positivity despite their troubled circumstance is a much needed contrast to the hellish prison which was the Wunder in the previous chapters.

I also love how you stayed true to Asuka’s troubled nature by having the realization that Shinji actually did and probably still cares about her with the video recording only make her more frustrated as she’s now having doubts on the mindset which she has adopted to cope with for the past 14 years. I love the details in which you use to paint Asuka’s miserable existence since being contaminated and it helps the reader have a better understanding into why she is more troubled and distant than ever before. The second force feeding scene does a great job showing that Shinji mental wellbeing is getting stronger by resisting while Asuka’s is becoming more lost with herself which leads to the chapters most interesting scene where Shinji meets a mysterious stranger who according to him was once in a very similar predicament that Shinji is in.

I said before but I truly think you have a way of bringing your original characters to life in a way that most fanfics can only dream of doing. This new stranger provides us with the stories most memorable interaction while also having him tell Shinji everything he needs to hear in a very cinematic and interesting type of way. Lastly I think having Shinji come to terms over the real reason Asuka has been so upset with him all these years as he slowly chips away at her armor ends this chapter on a satisfying and hopeful note. This was easily the stories best chapter so far and I can’t wait to see what happens next!
7/5 c3 Born2run
This chapter got me really hyped for what what’s coming next. First off it was a relief to get Shinji off that damn ship and to a place where he can actually begin to heal and gain at least little bit of self worth. It’s encouraging and speaks volumes on how the simple act of Asuka cleaning his wounds and feeding him despite her coldness has such a positive effect on Shinji in that he finally gains the strength to take care of himself. I love how you show us every little detail of his struggle from the harsh mental trauma he has to his body being weak to sickness. It’s a interesting contrast to scar tissue where Shinji’s injuries and trauma were depicted in a much more massive and brutal in scale while here it’s more smaller scale but still effective at showing his physical hardship as they add to his unbearable loneliness. You also did a great job of showing that Asuka in way is in just as much of a sorry state as Shinji. She has no real close friends except maybe Mari despite her getting on her nerves, she basically is living a non existent life of playing her game and waiting for the next fight or order she is forced to partake in. It’s also nice to see a little bit of humanity shine in Misato even if it’s not much and she’s appropriately still very much the cold leader who failed to explain to Shinji why he was being detained in 3.0. Toji was a much needed breath of fresh air and the fact that he is the first person besides kawrou to show real kindness to Shinji since waking up in unit 01 shows that Shinji is in the best place he could be right now to heal. The best part by far though was Asuka seeing the recording of Shinji in raged right after being forced to crush Asuka’s eva and entry plug. It’s a awesome new detail that really shows to Asuka that she really doesn’t know Shinji as much as she thought and that he does actually care. Lastly the fast forward to the end of the final battle is incredibly melancholy and heartfelt as well as brutal. Seeing Asuka finding and calling out to him is heart breaking and it does a great job of getting the reader to be invested in how he got there and if he’ll make it. Overall great stuff as always! Getting to the village kinda felt like a drag but it did show a lot of character interactions between our two hero’s and where they are mentally at this point and the ending makes me pumped for what’s next! It’s worth mentioning I never actually bothered to watch 4.0 after seeing the spoilers. I know what happens but I don’t know every little detail and thought it be a neat idea to judge this story on its own and not just compare scene by scene with the movie though I’ll probably watch it and compare the two later down the line. Spoiler alert I’m definitely still gonna like your take a hell of a lot better!
7/2 c6 15Silvermoonlight GJ
I really like that you're both doing better things with Rei here and making it that Shinji is not wasting his days hanging out in ruins like he is instead contributing and learning to live a village life as it's way more interesting story wise.

I like that little by little Shinji is getting through Asuka's shield like it's really slow but very rewarding. Furthermore, I also like that Shinji is putting his cooking skills to good use as its a nice touch and something I wish had been in the final movie. The scene with him and Asuka catching fish was heart-warming.
6/30 c7 2daseggs

I’ve been secretly keeping up with this story (ssshhh don’t tell anyone), and was going to wait until a few more chapters to drop a review, but screw it, this chapter had me smiling like a goofball all the way through.

Where to begin? It seems like your writing is on a slow, but steady slope pointed upwards. The grammar and structure of this story is gradually becoming more & more refined as it goes on, and it reads beautifully.

Considering the premise of this story, characterisation was hit or miss at the beginning. Sometimes I felt Asuka was far too detached from what she was doing to Shinji, and Shinji fell too easily into the unresponsive role that he often does in post 3.0 fics. Thankfully, as the story goes on, you refine said characterisation very well. There’s still a ways to go in the story, and I’m eager to see where you take these messed up kids.

Shinji’s interactions with the rest of the cast are enjoyable, visceral and you don’t pull any punches sugar coating any contempt that they show him. At this point, most people are aware at what happens post 3.0, but this fic obviously runs with a narrative made before the films release, and while it is noticeable with some characterisation changes and setting differences, it still serves a believable and enjoyable story regardless.

I’m glad you continued this story, it had (and still has) a lot of potential.

If you let me down, I’ll have you killed :)
6/28 c4 15Silvermoonlight GJ
I really liked that Asuka got through to Misato even if she is a more drunk enraged version of herself, which means Shinji got to go to the village, which feels way better than the film version. I also like that Kensuke feels more like a force for good here and less of a creep. Not only that, but I like that he's trying to point Asuka to the truth and I loved that in these chapters you can really feel her conflicting in a way the series version Asuka does.

Gotta say Mari is such an asshole in this, like provoking and vandalizing Asuka's stuff is not cool on any level. I do really like that there is a shred of hope here, like you can really feel Asuka cracking like little things are getting to her, and you can feel that shield dropping though very slowly.

Looking forward to more :)
6/25 c7 4Chucky117
The chapter was updated on Shinji's birthday, but I missed it on its release date! Pain Peko.

But at least I finally managed to get around it, and I'm glad that I did.

I loved how you expanded on Shikinmai's character here, especially on her growth here. She's being more open and finally trying to take the time to enjoy the moment (or what there's little left, I can see the timer on top of her head). Her smile and accepting it instead of immediately trying to hide it spoke wonders here. Love the way Shinji always brings her around and makes her want to be with him more. And that last scene where she placed his head on her lap as he fell asleep. CUTE HNNNGG

Shinji's working hard to do what he can to fix what he can do for the people around him. And despite the hatred he received from that one member of Wunder that hates him, it was good to see everyone come to his rescue. His hard work built a connection to the people around him and it was a blast to see it blossom here as they come to his rescue and help.

QRei was cute in this chapter. She was uncertain about what she was feeling. Confusing what jealousy felt like with "I'm happy for them" is something one can get confused with if they don't know what to feel in the first place.

But those Shinji and Asuka scenes were cuteeee. Happy to have read this! Just pain peko that I didn't get the read it when it was out on his birthday like I should've.

Keep up the good work Lord DB!
6/20 c7 EvaPilotFair
Hell yeah, new RS on Shinji's birthday! Very fitting given the themes of this chapter being so centered on birthdays. It did not disappoint! So much to love about this chapter.

I'll take a moment to say I really really like the extension and SoL feel of this village arc. As a SoL fan myself (with some romance of course, but I digress), I really appreciated the time and effort you're putting into the village and building up this arc of the story. I'm really enjoying these parts of the story as it gives us more time to spend with our beloved cast of characters in the "calm before the storm." And this chapter was no exception.

I continue to love this slow burn because it's a slow burn that slowly yet takes pretty big steps more and more each scene and each passing day to a story. It doesn't feel rushed or dragged at all and has hit the sweet spot in development. I love the way you write these two and this chapter really hit.

I love the scenes of Shinji trying to make this birthday go right for Kaji Jr. and in turn, making gifts for others he cares about...particularly a certain red head he cares about. Speaking of her, I continue to be impressed by how you're writing her character and how you're separating her and Soryu. I'm firmly aware that this is Shikinami here and that's great to read in a Rebuilds story. The way you continue to capture her inner thoughts and strife feels grounded. I love how she's slowly allowing herself to be more open (whether she realizes it or not) especially in her conversations with Shinji. It seems to be building too a certain when that storm comes that might make her hesitant to want to just be willing to go about "sacrificing" herself in battle. The way she misread the moment at the party between Shinji and Rei was very much 2.0 elevator scene like, and it felt like a good call-back to that part of the source material. Man that lap pillow was adorable and a great way to end this chapter. Glad they at least cleared up any misunderstandings there.

Now to Shinji, I love how accepting he is about working hard and (whether he realizes it or not) building bonds with people in the village. Yet they still capture his internal doubts and guilt but he still presses on. It feels natural to his character progression and that too, is very much appreciated. I loved his conversation with Viko and the whole scene of him giving the gift to Kaji Jr. He's really growing up and forming these bonds that it always makes me think...this decision to stay or leave in the village might be harder than he thinks...key word: might (insert Miku laugh emote here).

I did like the squabble he had with the other faction of Wunder that seems to hate him. While I detest that cat hat with every fiber in my being, it was sad to see it go. Got me sad for a few seconds...until I remembered, fuck the hat. JK JK it was a good emotional scene. It made me interested to see where you go with this potential rogue faction of Wunder. I loved how Shinji put up a fight yet still realistically got hit hard since its a teen boy against a grown man. That felt grounded and it even seemed impress Asuka with his will to fight. It made for a cute moment where she's tending to him (loved that forehead touch).

I could go on more but I don't wanna bore you, TLDR, chapter awesome! I want more and I want it now! Jk take your time. Good work DB! Congrats again and wish you luck on this and your other projects. Good luck and happy writing man!
6/19 c7 1KingXanaduu
"Aubade", (Noun)
-A song or poem greeting the dawn
2a: a morning love song
b: a song or poem of lovers parting at dawn

With the theme of definitions throughout this story, I felt it best to give a definition of how I felt toward this recent chapter.
What frustrated me the most about Final is the lack of interaction Shinji actually has with the Village itself, mostly isolated either in Kensuke's house, or just wasting away at the ruins. And while I enjoyed the aesthetics of the village and the story of Rei Q's own development into her own person, the lack of interaction or even care towards Shinji was just frustrating to no end, especially with his depression. The only reactions we had were either people telling him he's a waste of space because of his unresponsiveness, nearly KILLING him to force him to eat, and worse, just leaving him to his own devices all alone, claiming "he needs to figure this out for himself". While the latter is slightly true when it comes to depression, you shouldn't just abandon someone who is depressed. I don't fully know if it's a cultural attitude towards mental illness in Japan or if they had no idea what to write for Shinji in the movie, but this fanfiction here does once again give Shinji a reason to grow and find a reason to move forward: By having people ACTIVELY care for him and help move him forward.
Honestly, this is what I love about the villagers, both canon and OC in this version, is that they're actively trying to get him to help come out of his shell and embrace him as one of their own. He may be indirectly responsible, but he's just a BOY, who was manipulated and forced into doing something beyond his understanding.
That's one thing I continue to love about this fic, the people here realize this, and point out the hypocrisy of believing otherwise. The fact that both Kensuke and Ryoji themselves are quick to point out Asuka's rants (and are pushing towards their growing bond), is what I love most about this fic, because they can look past the anger and show that Asuka is just being too harsh on him.
Viko especially is still a welcomed edition to this story. I've praised him before in the previous chapters of his willingness to help and understand Shinji, but this chapter adds another layer to this unknown element of a character.
From the description of his past and the scars on his body, it's apparently that his past was not pleasant to any degree. Whether that was because of Gendo or a new faction that has arisen in this new world is yet to be known, but it does add the layer of empathy that Viko has towards Shinji. Perhaps he too was viewed as a monster of some sort in his past, but if he was able to find both peace and solace in this world, then the same path could be taken by Shinji, with a little nudge in the right direction.
That's why this version of the village should have been seen in Final, giving Shinji the reason to move forward and giving him the joy that he's been denied all his life. Even Asuka herself, while still abrasive and sharp towards Shinji, is starting to let the walls around her heart fall down and be more open to him. The clone origin, while I'm not a fan of towards Asuka as a character, is a huge step of a reveal towards Shinji, and honestly this should have happened here, for them to connect more. Their bond is slowly building into something wonderful, with a little help from Viko, Ryoji, and everyone else of course.
But there's a reason I chose the word "Aubade" to describe this chapter. There is joy, merrymaking, and happiness, but there is an element of tragedy both in present, and what supposedly is to come. Rei's fate is not far behind, and Asuka knows that her fate is sealed too perhaps. No matter how much she lies to herself that she doesn't care for the "brat", she can't deny her feelings for long...but she knows that, if Final is to be done, that she's not meant to last either.
Again, the tragedy of two lovers separating at a new dawn. Aubade.
I hope though that whatever the future holds in the next chapter, tragedy can be averted. Well done DB, well done.
6/18 c2 15Silvermoonlight GJ
Gotta say I really enjoyed reading this, just because it has full on EOE vibes even though it's rebuild and its way better for it as Shinji being chained treated like a caged abused animal fits better, and it shows that dark side of humanity when people don't think they've been told a lie, or they have prejudice and them doing this to Shinji being some kind of retribution even though it will not change their world or their predicament.

I loved the second chapter and that unlike the rebuild series which is Asuka is an asshole because Asuka, here you get to know why and what is going on in her head and see that somewhere deep under there, there just might be a good person under there, but it's buried under a deep layer of conflict, hate and confusion.

Also, the please really matters here, as the rebuild version nearly choked Shinji to death and was not cool and also dangerous, and she didn't care in my view. This feel more like she does care, it's more desperation and not as forceful, and it changes the narrative in a big way along with the food being paste as she can't feed someone who is starving solid foods their stomach just can't handle it or so I've heard.
6/17 c7 6TheOneAndOnlyErik
Your bro is here.

It was so nice and refreshing to come back to this story after a long time of waiting for the two parts of ST epilogue and the wait of Relapse getting a new chapter. And it's fun to read a story of my favorite pairing before finals.

I loved this chapter for many things but the main part has to go to the fact we got more moments of little Ryojin (screw you dumbo ears) and the small parallels of Misato and Kaji characters in one, ahhh ya bastard got me fanboying here.

Disadvantages...well Kensuke for some reason felt off at some points, like it wasn't the down to earth and very serious Kensuke we got from the movie but rather the same one from when he was young but less, you know, stooge. Another small issue I have on this chapter is that Shinji also calls Rei in his mind "Miss lookalike" odd choice but I have a feeling that this is your way of showing us that he hasn't accepted Ayanami as Ayanami..at least not yet.

Neat chapter, loved it as always, got me flaming and hyped to get back in writing and I got some good events in my head now that I'll use on my story.

Love you and the guys more than you'll ever know and until next chapter of any of your story remember.

And remember:
"If you have an idea that you genuinely think is good, don't let some idiot talk you out of it. Whatever you do, give it your best shot and you'll be glad you did." - Stan Lee
6/9 c7 2Akomis
The highlights of this chapter for me were the moments that showed Asuka's development. I liked how you showed her. In 3.0 and 4.0 rebuilds Shikinami looked shallow - just an angry girl, single-mindedly focused on her job as a pilot. It didn't show any changes within her. But not RS.

I was curious what would you do with the material provided to you. The first chapters showed that the story didn't try to change events retrospectively or recontextualize Shiki's character. I saw many times that fanfics just do a sudden "Ok, I'm over it, lets get waffy now" or "Oh no, I was such a bitch, I feel so guilty now!" with her which never felt good. I was delighted to see how her change was showed in this chapter. Starting from first attempt at humour, as she roasted everyone and everything around. Then a bit more honesty that started to be visible under the layers of denial and sarcasm. I liked how Rei's POV was used for it. And finishing with her gently calming Shinji after the fact under the pretence of taking care of his bruises. It felt great already. But the lap pillow scene was a cherry on top of it all.

I also enjoyed how most of the characters nudged Shinji and Asuka together. Such wholesome moments. I liked that Rei took "I'm happy to see him happy" stance. Any versions of her being jealous didn't look good for me. I feel it is from Asuka's toolset. So yeah, Asuka freaking out just from a single hug - that was believable. I also liked how Asuka having a set of injections foreshadowed Rei's death. It is a lot better than just abrupt "Oh, time to move on with the plot, she dead now."
6/6 c7 19Norsehound
well, dang it. now I have to wait for the next chapter.

there is beauty in an ending and the deconstruction of a story. I feel the sailors appearance and Reis concern are signs this period is coming to a close, and Asuka and Shinji need to make the best of the days they have left.

it's sad to see the sailor wreak havoc on the scene Shinji built for his companions, but its just as important in showing us that this vacation diesnt last forever. he's also a callback to the abuse Shinji received from the beginning of the story, and showing us how far Shinji has come.

again I applaud Ryojis characterization and the family he has in Viko.

like the kids I find I wish these days in the village can go on. but the conclusion in 31 has to pass first. I have to wonder if your tale will show us this, or whether we'll part when Shinji reboards the WUNDER.

Peace DB!
6/6 c7 1Blackunknown
This story is a very compelling read, and the way you write the characters is extremely engaging, and certainly brightens my day. I eagerly await Shinji and Asuka’s next trials and tribulations, and however their relationship will develop.
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