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7/21 c1 2Su Exodus
7/21 c1 1LetsPilot

Might be my head canon for Rebuilds when all is said and done. Keep up the good work!
7/17 c4 EvaPilotFair
Finally caught up and this chapter truly was some of your best work my guy!

I loved the constant call backs to the Q-manga, it helps us put in perspective Shikinami's constant feelings of conflict and struggle throughout this chapter. I loved loved LOVED that last conversation they had in the end. Shows Shinji growing up just a little bit and Asuka genuine and humane side coming out deep down. In a meta sense, it's everything we say about the potential of Asuka and Shinji's dynamic with each other. They both help each other grow, she gets him to realize the magnitude of his inaction and why he needs to grow up while he gets her to be more compassionate and kind like they both are fully capable of being.

Love lemonade guy, his wisdom had an impact on Shinji and its a perfect case study for an OC done right.

Finally, I love how you are able to immerse us in a scene and truly put us in the thoughts of both Shinji and Asuka in whatever they are doing. It truly shows your talent as a writer and story teller in this particular story.

With the way it's going, it might pass ST for my favorite work of yours. I am all in on this story and can't wait for more! Good luck and happy writing!
7/6 c3 EvaPilotFair
AHHH done it again DB!

Maybe I will become a fan of that damn hat after all. Love the bit with the roundrels and how Shinji cherishes them. It was nice to see Shinji and Toji have a bro moment again. Love when the stooges link up and shoot the shit. Finally, Asuka is slowly reaching back to the more humane side of her that Shinji is so good at getting her to whether they both notice it or not. That tape at the end was S-tier. And him sleeping with the dictionary like a teddy bear? Love it.

Finally, love the throwaway line of long-haired Rei. She does know how to rock it. Keep up the great work with this story and your future chapters! Look forward to reading it all and good luck as always man!
6/29 c4 parasiyte
its been 7 fucking years holy shit
6/29 c2 EvaPilotFair
Wooooooo man! You did a great job of painting Shinji’s mental state and psyche. I especially loved the scene where he dared Asuka to kill him. As painful as it was to read.

Loved the description and scene setting at the beginning. Was very well done. I can’t wait to see where the rest of the story goes!

Good luck and happy writing DB!
6/29 c4 7Romulo Nidoking BR
It makes my day when I see a work of yours being uploaded here.

Very nice job in taking the good parts of the Rebuilds setting and world build and using that to tell a beautiful story exploring the theme of redemption and the state of mind of Shinji and Asuka in those final moments of the Rebuilds' timeline.

It's hard to write Shikinami because, while she is Asuka, she is very different than Sohryu and has a different origin, background and too few interactions with Shinji before the timeskip. Therefore making Asushin stories about Shinji and Shikinami post 3.33 is a huge challenge, but your characterization of her and her dramas is great.

Also their relationship is following an interesting way that, while avoiding tropes and plot devices based on their relationship of original NGE, still keeps the "low burn" and the essence of the greatest Asushin stories where they have to face their hardships and inner demons to advance.

Always a pleasure to read your stories.

Take care.
6/29 c4 2daseggs
Whew, Lad.

That was a big chungus of a chapter to get through! Great interactions, character dialogue was very enjoyable, kept me invested and kept me reading. The AsuShin has began to grow, it’s now reaching critical levels! Looks like Asuka has a terminal case of Bakaritus, amirite? :3

Great chappie, looking forward to the rest of it!
6/28 c4 dyinglittelstar
wow...i really this one. come on man. im really curious about the future part hahaha
6/28 c4 3Richitzer
Ahh what a story this is turning out to be.
I'm having a grand time reading through this. I love your descriptive style. It truly puts your head inside the character. As well, you are getting better mechanically, which is grand.
Can't wait to see the rest and whatever else you have dreamed up.
6/28 c4 4HydrationStation
First off, I love Vito totally coming in like Rafriki in Lion King stirring up Simba. Was good to see the gang again, Kensuke in particular, they always were day ones since they camped together.

Very vivid descriptions on the village too, I can tell you put lots of love into this.

You captured the Stockholme/Toxic relationship very well, hopefully the healing will start soon and Gendo can get some teeth knocked out by Shinji
6/28 c4 2NoseGum
I came
6/28 c1 EvaPilotFair
Okay I caved. I couldn’t wait any longer. I’ve been on a Rebuild high for some dumb reason lately and could not resist waiting the urge to read a DB Rebuild fic any longer.

Great opening chapter man! Makes me feel even more sympathy for Shinji than I did in 3.33 which was a lot. I utterly despised the Wunder crew and for a split second Shikinami here more too until she kinda took a step back and realized….. this doesn’t feel right.

I am intrigued for the next chapters and future of this story! Looking forward to it and good luck with writing this and all your great projects DB!
6/28 c4 7SheriffJohnStone
Beautiful chapter. You know how to carefully inch the two of them together. There was a lot of neat subtlety in this chapter that I admire a lot, like how Asuka could taste the food Shinji was cooking. I’ll wait however long for the next chapter. Keep it up!
6/28 c4 1B123
I’m really liking this fic. It’s turning out to be way better the the actual movie itself, which I admit I haven’t seen but like many others have heard/read the plot points.

Glad to see some progress between Asuka and Shinji. I especially liked that Shinji realised why Asuka was angry at him to begin with so early on, which was the whole unit 3 incident in which Shinji didn’t do anything/even try to save her outs of fear nor wanting to take responsibility of the outcome.

Also liked that with each passing moment of forgiving Shinji, Asuka is somewhat beginning to gain a bit of her humanity back, especially her sense of taste, makes me think her lake of senses is possibly a mental block since she considers herself none human.

Also do like that Shinji is asking why everyone at the village isn’t made at him especially when in all rights they should be but while humanity can be cruel, violent capable of terrible things, especially to each other, they can also be kind, compassionate and forgiving to each other as well.

Another thing I like is that Shinji is finally understanding that if one wants forgiveness and redemption, then you have to start doing the leg work and not wallow in self pity.

I’m looking forward to the next chapter as Shinji is going to be put into work. I’m hoping that he gets to meet Kaji Jr and that they have a brother like relationship. Can somewhat imagine that Kaji Jr will ask Shinji questions on what his mother Misato was like considering he doesn’t know her with Shinji telling him, especially the funny bits with Misato being a slob, can’t cook and was the master of teasing him and Asuka.

So great work on this and hope to see a update in the near future.
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