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for Rex II- Clone Rebellion

1h c13 Guest
Chapter 13, Ponds doesn’t react when Cody mentions that Rex was involved in the battle. Does he know Rex is still alive?
8/15 c72 Meg
I've always loved this story and get excited everytime I see an update come out. For me, it's one of the most realistic fix it stories. Keep up the good work!
7/29 c71 Guest
Please keep updating!
7/12 c71 2Kuiil
*Does my happy dance*

7/12 c71 10Just a Crazy-Man
Bring Him Home
7/12 c71 milkdud8888
Glad you called out Anakin being a terrible commander early on haha
7/12 c71 EternalKeeper114
Outstanding work as always. This is one of the few stories that keep me interested. Cody and Windu working together is certainly something since they butted heads not too long ago, im looking forward to what happens next!
7/11 c71 4iacopo.passerini
Molto interresante complimenti!
7/10 c70 2Kuiil
When will you update this?
7/6 c70 14captainrexbest35
I highly expected Rex to blow up entirely more than that. But I liked that outcome much better.

I don't even remember what I was going to say sooo . I will wrap it up.

Your forever longtime fan,
7/5 c69 captainrexbest35
I may not have necessarily liked Nash but his death hurts and it made me shed a tear.

I've enjoyed reading Cody. It's a bit of a refresher from Rex's personality and him paired alongside Master Windu is interesting. Definitely can't wait to keep reading so I will wrap this review up with that short note.

7/4 c68 captainrexbest35
Here's my new thoughts from last chapter.

This was a great chapter. I have no idea how I've been missing the last 5 chapters but I did and I'm sad but now I'm caught up. I hope you get better. I absolutely know the feeling of having something in your brain you desperately want to put on paper but are completely unable to. I've been struggling too with my writing. I have no will to write even when I want to.

Iron is my new favorite grump. "Sounds like Wolffe" is becoming a recurring theme haha. Love it.
Also it's very interesting seeing things from Echo's point of view. You've integrated him wonderfully.

Here's my thoughts for this chapter.
I almost died laughing at the mugs. They're like the highlight of this chapter. I very much needed that laugh. The best thing is Wolffe just casually kidnapping Cody and Rex from the hallway with a bunch of rookies and forcing them to drink coffee before they get down to brass tacks.
I absolutely enjoyed it. I'm glad to read some chapters from you. I've got to go to work though so the next two will have to wait until my lunch.
Until I get to lunch, your absolute best fan,

6/8 c70 MOONWATCHER404
Great chapter! Hope you feel better soon.

Star Wars Celebration?! Damn are you lucky! And you made costumes too? Awesome! I wish I could go. But I guess that’s the difference between being a teenager (me) and being an adult (you) and being able to do whatever the hell you want. I’ve seen videos on YouTube and it always looks so cool! Tho I typically spend those videos hunting around for as many clone cosplays as I can.
6/7 c70 dark knight discord
Gran capitulo de nuevo al dia ya estaba ansioso por mas
6/7 c70 10Just a Crazy-Man
Glad you ok with all going on and welcome back
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