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for The Fable of the Seven

12/13/2017 c18 8Light Hero Kaiser
Great chapter m8
12/10/2017 c18 Pretty1
This is going to be the fastest decade ever! Why did Elena act mean to Sparrow? Why do they hate each other now!?
11/17/2017 c17 Light Hero Kaiser
Great chapter m8
11/16/2017 c5 lol
This is too funny, gotta read more;)
8/27/2017 c16 Light Hero Kaiser
Great chapter m8
8/4/2017 c15 Light Hero Kaiser
Good luck!
3/28/2017 c14 Light Hero Kaiser
great chapter m8
1/11/2017 c5 1SilentSoul218
sooooooooo coping my bro rojoneo's work huh

he created the character gordon and mugo coming back to bowerstone if ur going to copy copy a unknown writers work
1/10/2017 c2 SilentSoul218
11/23/2016 c13 Son of Flemeth
Please please tell me you are going to continue the story. I would love to read your take on the time spent in the Spire, whether or not Sparrow had to go though the Crucible, Garth's escape and the confrontation with the commandant.
11/16/2016 c1 Son of Flemeth
the only thing I saw wrong was when Lucien said "your not one of the five, you must be the sixth." I think you got your numbers wrong.
10/18/2016 c13 8Light Hero Kaiser
Great chapter m8
6/20/2016 c12 Light Hero Kaiser
great chapter m8
6/20/2016 c12 2EthanTheRenegade
Interesting stuff. I'm still curious about all the extra heroes and their places in the story.
6/20/2016 c12 Pretty1
Ohhhh okay I thought Wlena and Sparrow were a thing but I ship Eleniheart!
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