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8/20/2003 c1 Red Roses2
*Is crying* WHA! Yami you baka! Curse chaos for being so STUPID! Yugi was always like that and he failed to see it! That's why he made that stupid mistake by making that stupid order for the Celtic Gaurdian to attack that stupid Kaiba! That's why Yugi didn't trust and started to fear that idiot during his duel with Mai! And that's why he only forgave that stupid idiot yami when Yami said that he would never go against Yugi's wishes again! Yami, is, SO, STUPID! *Starts hiting Yami outside the head*

Rain of Love (my yami): Meh, forgive her. She hates Yami and it's 10:01 at the moment, so you figure it out. She liked it. And if she calls Yami stupid again, I'm gonna...


Rain of Love: *Grabs the collar of my night shirt* Okay hikari! Time for bed before I kill you. Ja ne.

Red Roses2: Ja ne.
3/28/2003 c1 13Kenelfie
aw! That is so cute! i love it! ~Woodelf193~:)
3/1/2003 c1 4Yami No Tenshi1
Very nice. You wrote from Yami's POV quite well. I wish you had made it a yaoi..(I'm quite a Yami/Yugi shipper. ^^;;)

Anyway, just a comment on the review you left me. Thank you! It was very nice indeed! I just wanted to let you know; Yes, I know people often say good bye to their dead loved ones by kissing them. I just thought Jounouchi might react in that way, so I wrote as I saw fit. ^^;; I didn't mean for it to sound gross or anything!

Anyway..Keep writing, and thank you!

-Yami No Tenshi
2/21/2003 c1 2ShadowRika
Aww.sweet. I like thus type of stuff. Sad thing is, hardly anybody ever reviews it.
1/20/2003 c1 2Mikenno
*dies of cuteness*

Yami Yami Yami..


*waves arms wildly and clutches dollies of everyone including Angel-Belle*


*bounces around*

Chris: Baka child.. Look what you've done Angel..

Now she's going to squeal while I sleep.

Chris, you're so mean.

Chris: Well, if it makes Mike-chan happy, then it's worth reading.

Wai. ^^
1/3/2003 c1 Sacred Phoenix Of Nephthys
So fluffy like cotton candy! ^_^! Yami's thoughs were so sweet! DO A SEQUEL!
12/18/2002 c1 64Chibi Cheesecake
y. Mojobubbles: *sobs* !

Mojobubbles: *huggles her yami* *sighs* Every time she reads a sad fic, she has to cry...anyway, it's not yaoi! I DON'T LIKE YAOI! Well, occasionaly it's ok...yah...
12/18/2002 c1 3Chasuka
Wai~! I hafta say, even though it has been done a lot, you really do have an excellent insight into that incident. Your writing comes fourth as real and honest, not drowning in the buckets and buckets of angst most stories on this topic are presented with. Well done~! ^-^
12/16/2002 c1 2DigiDreamerLiss
Sweet and serious. {.*_~.} Well done! A bit short, but very nicely written. You've captured Yami's feelings wonderfully. I'd hate to have Yugi afraid of me, too. ~grin~ about writing another story? ~hopeful smile~ Please? I'll be glad to read and review it for you!

12/6/2002 c1 21kaehimi
So touching... ^_^
12/4/2002 c1 2dancing elf
This song has always been one of my favS, and your choice to pair the song with this event was inspired. very poignant.
11/12/2002 c1 Kurayami-Hitori
That was soooo touching and I enjoyed it very much. I thought it was only right that I review your fic since you were kind enough to review mine. Thank you and keep up the good work. FYI since your email appears not to be working (not sure), there will be another chapter to Emotional Scars(seto/angst) and it will dwell on the traumatic pasts of Joey, Yami Bakura and Malik.
11/2/2002 c1 725LuckyLadybug
Wow! That was absolutely terrific, hon! ^^ I LUV IT! :) Keep writing! ^^
10/30/2002 c1 23Animom
Truly "short but sweet". Not as overwritten as some stuff; YY diction was good (I could actually "hear" him saying the words you wrote, and it "sounded like him" if you know what I mean.) It was also nice to have the "soundtrack" Keep on!
10/28/2002 c1 68Indigo Tantarian
This was good! Most of the time, people show Yugi as the weak half of the pair, but he's really not weak at all. Good job for spotting that! And thanks for reviewing my rantings!
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