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5/17/2015 c19 Tessler
Personally, I'd say to continue this story as it is, then do a rewrite at a much later time. To be fair, I've lost count of how many stories I've rewritten after scrapping others, only to regret it later.
4/4/2015 c2 2The Mighty Trubbish
I dunno what I really expected going into the this. The prolouge was confusing, it was like the end of some other story that you've never written with a long back story and bonded characters. It was a weird way to start a story and honestly I am not sure how I feel about it. It came off like a movie with too many sub-plots, unnecessary.

Don't get me wrong, it was a clever way to introduce future characters and lay down the pavement for what seems to be the main villain, but honestly I would have preferred to learn about these characters as Steven meets them.

Something to be cautious about is that the Prologue might be confusing for some and this could be an off putting first chapter. (I am also keeping in mind that this was posted a year ago)

The first chapter was decent, I liked the vague remembrance of his dream and the emotions he didn't really understand.

But then I was just kicked in the face with the Cinderella Story Cliche, (don't get me wrong it's a popular cliche for a reason and it fits with so many stories and is used for a background and an easy way to move the plot forward) I'm just tired of it being in like everything. :/ The formula is used so often bro you don't even know.

its always: MC Drunk Parent Asshole Step-Parent Two Asshole siblings Someone/Something whisks the character away and saves them from .

Other than that I really enjoyed the chapter and I'm sorry that you had to experience something similar to what happened with your dog. Anyways, I'll keep reading on.

3/29/2015 c1 1UnholyPens
Huh. Neat chapter. Quite sad. But, I like the fact that you changed what happened to Darkrai. Nice touch. Misspelled started somewhere in ere, and a misplaced I shortly after. Keep it up.
3/23/2015 c18 1Ten-X Legacy
Woo! A fresh perspective! :D
I like it!
And then there's the ending..
If that isn't foreshadowing...
So yeah. Bah.
3/23/2015 c18 4Silver4700
Great chapter. I really like the back stories and all that! Keep it up!
3/23/2015 c18 Fearofbeans
Fanatstic chapter! Some amazing character development with Erica, she really is becoming my favorite character, and take all the time you need, it only means better chapters.
3/22/2015 c18 Mr.001
Another great chapter.
3/22/2015 c18 Coolevilshark
Well, that last chapter wasn't creepy or ominous at all or anything...
2/14/2015 c17 Fearofbeans
I really like the direction your taking the story it just keeps on culminating into something more and more every chapter, and for a theory? I really think there are a group of humans out there ready to take revenge and attack arceus or any Pokemon really.
2/10/2015 c17 Mr.001
Another great chapter.
2/6/2015 c16 Guest
Great chapter and fantasitic cliff hanger, also happy late birthday!
1/29/2015 c16 Mr.001
Another good chapter. And happy birthday to you.
12/7/2014 c15 Fearofbeans
Fantastic chapter, my favorite one so far.
12/7/2014 c15 1Ten-X Legacy
Was that.. *Le gasp* a fakemon!? :0
Kewl chjepter. I liked the pov switches. A little redundant, but still cool.
Erica is over powered.. It kinda bugs me how she pushes everyone around...
But hey, that's just my opinion!
"Your opinion is wrong!" :D
12/6/2014 c15 Coolevilshark
Wait a second, arron was missing, and then he was on the ship, how'd that happen?
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