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2/15/2019 c23 4rentamiya
Yesss! To more details. The forst few chapters are actually pretty good i like it. There are some chapters or usually the future chapters
they become shorter
less details, less happenings/activities usually more on talking
you should show more of miyuki’s attitude and probably her relationship with byakuran and sho
2/15/2019 c21 rentamiya
They should know the truth that might save byakuran’s from killing all vomgola
2/15/2019 c20 rentamiya
Bye biiii irie huhuhuhu. I wonder what this future will hold for them.
2/15/2019 c19 rentamiya
Wahhhh :’( ahw i wonder what’s the truth. This is so sad in this parallel world both tsuna and miyu’s gone
2/15/2019 c18 rentamiya
Maybe in 10 years indeed :3 ohohoh
2/15/2019 c17 rentamiya
Wahhhh she’s in the future. And what truth? Omg this is getting interesting
2/15/2019 c16 rentamiya
Kinda short than your usual chapters/compared to the first few chapters hopefully longer with more actions/happenings
2/15/2019 c15 rentamiya
Wahhhhh i wonder who miyuki will like in the future. Can she have both of them? Ahahahah
2/15/2019 c13 rentamiya
This is a relaxing seemed to like miyu and i cant wait how it will develop in the future
2/15/2019 c12 rentamiya
Miyu-chan’s sooo good with kids i like it :3
2/15/2019 c11 rentamiya
What is reborn planning indeed. Im curious myself. Cant wait to know more.
2/15/2019 c10 rentamiya
Training starts now. Hmmm i wonder hopefully i can understand better the relationship of the characters to miyuki i think im missing something important
2/15/2019 c9 rentamiya
Interesting tokyo trip though i wanted to knlw the connection betweem byakuran and miyuki. Like why are they friends? Are they meant to be something or what. There is. Not eough hints though
2/15/2019 c8 rentamiya
Oh the confrontation. Hmm i kind of feel sad about byakuran he seemed to really like miyuki but she sometimes ignore him. Well cant wait to read more
2/15/2019 c7 rentamiya
Well im pretty suspicious of byakuran hmm hahhahaa like how did her know the arrival time of the train. Maybe he asked her about it . Well nao seemed to be really friendly with a stranger (bya) to let him stay inside his apartment.
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