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3/9/2015 c9 MeGustaZeref
So... Lucy's gonna get all the slayers or the swords? But her energy is unbelievable
3/9/2015 c9 Aaron8477
Impressive. I love how you made Lucy the brave and rebellious one in this story. It gets really boring at times when Lucy is just powerless and can't do a thing to help. What I like even more, is that you didn't give her any new forms of magic other than her spirits. Its rather rare to find one of those that are this good. I love this story and hope there will be future updates; I will wait as long as it takes.
2/26/2015 c8 39annequinox
Oh I love Zeref so much.

I think I will even write a Zeref and Lucy fic BUT you need to seriously update this. I'm going crazy.
1/19/2015 c8 5FS4525
Oh my god.
Like, what did I just read?
This... this is amazing. I mean, everything is just so messed up. I like how Sabertooth is apart of the alliance, because Jiemma is just totally that power hungery.
And, omg, is this going to be a ZereCy? And what was up with Gray when he kissed her? Was it just the pain, grief, and fear catching up to him, because I ship Lucy with either and can only imagine how utterly rejected Zeref would feel if there were more GrayLu, even if it ended up ZereCy. And just... gah! That would be awesome!
Its dystopian, for crying out loud! Who doesn't love themselves a good dystopian story?
Also, I love how you portrayed Lucy, and can't wait to see her (and Fairy Tail?) rise above the odds!
So, dear author, I must thank you for writing this story, and do hope for another update!
11/2/2014 c8 Samira Vongola
10/12/2014 c8 20AngelWings46846
Oh. My. God. You HAVE to continue!
10/8/2014 c8 Guest
Luv it
10/8/2014 c8 85leoslady4ever
Sniff... poor Lucy. Poor Zeref. Wahhhhhh!
10/6/2014 c8 3Anicaelis
MOAR. I must have MOAR.
10/5/2014 c8 5Animeluva1
Please keep going :) I love this fanfic so much .
9/23/2014 c7 Animeluva1
Please keep going I love this you are a great writer :)
9/23/2014 c7 Guest
9/22/2014 c7 MeGustaZeref
The song is quite good... Oh god how is Lucy going to get out of that!? What the hell x.x
9/21/2014 c7 85leoslady4ever
Ooohhh another chapter! And it was so good! I'm terrified of what's going to happen next
9/21/2014 c7 3RynRinRen
OH MY GOD! What the...oh my god...I cannot wait for the next chapter. So amazing, stunning...wow. Love this story.
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