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for Bravery

4/20/2014 c4 20AngelWings46846
I love it, the bittersweet feel is awesome. Please, continue

4/20/2014 c3 AngelWings46846
OMG! Love it, can't wait to read Chapter 4! :D

4/20/2014 c2 AngelWings46846
Awesome chapter, update!

4/20/2014 c1 AngelWings46846
So good! Off to an amazing start, keep it up! :D

4/10/2014 c5 85leoslady4ever
Oh Zeref...I just wanna hug you so hard. Sniff...
4/1/2014 c4 MeGustaZeref
I'm curious about the locket Zeref is wearing...
3/30/2014 c3 34DarqueDeath4444
Please update soon
3/30/2014 c3 MeGustaZeref
Yay Sting and Rogue will be a part of the rebellion team! xD
3/30/2014 c3 85leoslady4ever
I am thoroughly enjoying this tale, the bite of Lucy's anger, the sting of defeat, the dark flood of their sadness. You've handled their emotions so well, and I have to say I look forward to the next installment.
3/29/2014 c2 MeGustaZeref
Omg this is interesting! So how did Zeref became a member of the Alliance? He's not the powerful black magic mage here?

Reminds me of Divergent (which i'll be watching on Monday) hehe ;)
3/29/2014 c2 Mysticxx
It sort of reminds me of Divergent, when Tris jumped in the hole to get to Dauntless HQ. Loved it! Update soon.
3/19/2014 c1 Mysticxx
This was an awesome first chapter. I would love for you to continue this story. And I like how Lucy is fearless, after the 3 day battle, she has seemed to lose a lot of emotions. Awesome story! Update soon.
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