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3/25/2014 c3 62astoryinred
Oh cute! And yes, relatable.
3/20/2014 c2 astoryinred
This is the perfect thing to read after getting out of final exams. I love how the sensory impressions get involved here.
3/19/2014 c1 36Almost an Actress
Awesome story. Sorry I haven't been back in our review game. This is lovely. E/E is quickly kinda becoming my notp, but you make me love it. So awesome job! And wow. Graduating high school. I am so proud of you. Amazing! I'm just struggling through freshman year!
3/19/2014 c1 62astoryinred
Congrats on graduation!

And this is a perfect glance into Eponine's mind and heart. She definitely would have a hard time understanding love as most people know it. Brava!

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