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for Rahne and Poure (CH 01): First Look

11/7/2021 c9 admiralkizaru15
This was honestly so beautiful
7/1/2015 c7 Eveleech
I am really sorry for saying this, but...this fanfic is bombastic with the insta-love, over-the-top romantic statements, and the "Power Of Love".

Don't you think you should make the romance between Rachne and Erik slow at first instead of being instant and superficial.
10/15/2014 c2 2Bad Coffee
Excellent job so far! I love that Rahne and Tabitha are friends in your story as well. Really interested to see how things go with Rahne's admirer...I'll try to finish this later this week and post some more reviews. Strong start so far though.
9/27/2014 c1 7Sunspot101
I'm just realizing that 'Rhane and Poure' sounds like 'rain and pour' like how people can say that the rain is pouring down!, well that's what it looks like to me anyways. :)
7/10/2014 c6 Jay Maddox
OMG that was likes so sweet of him to say! I literally teared up at the end of the chapter I was like oh my God TTvTT
6/16/2014 c6 3nejitenfan
please update. this is a great story I love it I hope you continue
6/12/2014 c6 QueenOfSpades137
Aww, so sweet. This definitely a good one.

From Dixie with Sweet-tea
5/3/2014 c4 guest123
4/21/2014 c3 mishiffle
really good!
4/18/2014 c3 annoying intern
4/12/2014 c3 tanyl12
keep going please!
4/11/2014 c3 Guest
This is adorable!
4/11/2014 c1 geniebye12
so cuuttte! keep it up!
4/10/2014 c3 betty
how cute!
4/10/2014 c3 11Shockzone
This was extremely cool, great work
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