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for Fastblaze's World Tour

1/13/2021 c12 Bite-me-Bo1
Looks like we're never going to Brazil. :(
8/3/2014 c6 inactive account im sorry
For a location you should do Antartica
8/3/2014 c1 inactive account im sorry
6/30/2014 c12 ticatoast
Hello! I have to say, your story is random. But thats what makes it awesome! Out of all the characters in this, whose your favorite? And out of Fastblaze's kits, who is you favorite there? Personally, I enjoy Piesong. Piesong is just so... Piesong-y. Also, could I please request Norway for the gang to visit? Thank you.
6/8/2014 c7 Redfire
At first I felt mad but after reading this chapter I fell out of my seat!
6/8/2014 c12 Redfire
5/4/2014 c12 6coolgirl526
oh and in japan can they meet me I made a form!

name: anna
looks: golden brown she-cat with brown eyes
personality: crazy,funny,friends with csipelt and kind to all
extra:she's is not from japan but knows all about it and takes the gang to dragons triangle and can she join them?
5/4/2014 c12 3SilverfeatherSnowstream
Thank you for making this story! Sorry for not reviewing but I was really busy. :(( just suggesting, maybe the cats could go to Amazon Rainforest in Brazil? Anyway, THANK YOU! ยท
5/3/2014 c12 Running Cloud
I like this! Have you considered doing France yet?
4/29/2014 c12 Indigostar12
I always wanted to go to Africa. And...heh...erm...how do I say this...I don't know what a Mary-Sue is *runs away before she can get killed*
4/29/2014 c12 inactive account im sorry
Yay! Jadecrystal killed Firestar and will kill everyone! I SO HAPPPPPIIIIIIEEEEEEE!
4/29/2014 c12 23Empress Tansy
That song from the Lion King is in Swahili. Did you know Simba is Swahili for lion? Sneaky Disney...teaching kids a world language.

Poor Goldenblaze. I'd give him a hug. He needs a hug. And how does Firestar not know what a Mary-sue is? He is one!
4/29/2014 c11 Empress Tansy
Awesome! I wish we Americans had a tea time...maybe I'll start that up.

Poor Legofur...it's okay to be innocent. I haven't had all my innocence ruined yet either.
4/29/2014 c10 Empress Tansy
I want waffles with honey now! That sounds sooo good! Excellent chapter, as always. :)
4/25/2014 c11 Indigostar12
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