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7/3/2014 c1 1hjpstarwars
I love love love it! I would love a story about how this came to be!
4/18/2014 c1 SpeakFabulously
Love it! Update soon :-D
4/14/2014 c1 3MarySBarros
I was so looking for a story like this!
Nice job with this chapter, I could really picture it!
I'd love to see the backstory, Riley and Gabriel parents-to-be/parents on the run, Lillian finding out about Abrigayle and more of the Cassidys ;D
Keep writing and if you need/want help or someone to work with, I'm available.
4/6/2014 c1 12Kimmers
So glad your going to continue with this it would be so adorable. Short sweet can't wait for more
4/1/2014 c1 40evincis
I'm so glad that you are continuing the story. Well, I'd love to see how they got there because Riley doesn't strike me as the mom type. And of course some family fluff is always welcome.
3/31/2014 c1 5Halle Alexis
I'd love to read more!
3/30/2014 c1 Zmrzlina763
This is lovely! I hope you continue. There are so many interesting directions you can take this!
3/28/2014 c1 Jaci
I love this story! Can you have Dr. Cassidy visit them sometime, it would be interesting to see his reaction to all the changes in their life.
3/28/2014 c1 1red lighting
Love the story
3/28/2014 c1 6JenB
Great start! I'm so glad you are continuing this story and I look forward to what comes next. Great job!
3/26/2014 c1 5acid-annie
I just died of a fluff overdose. The cuteness is unbearable and I - I - I just can't! GAH! Please update soon
3/24/2014 c1 bandgeek033095
Some ideas to use?
- Have some sort of i don't know backstory? as to how they got into that situation
- how they tell the rest of their team? and what their reactions are with some crazy ass missions
- maybe latter have more kids?
- other awesome/epic stuff

Hope this helps? :)
3/22/2014 c1 Holly.sam.Smith
I'd love to see Dr. Cassidy, Lillian nelson and possibly Jameson interact with the baby.
3/22/2014 c1 Fan
You can't leave it at that! Please, we need some backstory. How was their life on the run, and where are they going from there?
3/22/2014 c1 2kateanneshepherd
Perfect plot! I can't wait to see what will happen next. And I'm dying to read abou Rileal being a cute little family!
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