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5/11/2017 c1 Aaliyahnewyork
Awesome !
1/11/2017 c44 Wanda
I'm really enjoying your story. Can't wait for more chapters.
1/11/2017 c39 Wanda
I'm so glad you didn't got the route of making Moreau gay for Eliot or visa versa. It is so out of line and character. Thank you.
7/11/2016 c44 7Cgarcia555
When exactly were you going to explore who was in the car and what the work was and did they rescue the sister and kill of Damien finally orang thing else I forgot to mention. Ok now it's been over two years but I just now read your whole story and really really would like an end to it. Please.
5/5/2016 c44 athea781
Hmmm... who is this woman? What does she have up her sleeve?
Sirens? Really? Our boys are Sirens? Although it seems that Hardison is coming out of it, the same doesn't appear for Eliot. Wow, a Werewolf who also seems to have Siren powers... no that's what I call a problem.
Please update soon. Yes , there are some of us out there waiting for updates. We haven't forgotten.
5/2/2016 c44 Kaneswolf
Still reading and enjoying. Hope all is well with you. I will wait however long it takes to be able to read this as it has me hooked. I need to find out how they work this out.
5/1/2016 c44 4IwriteFornobody
I love this! I love that Eliot is taken over completely by the wolf. But is still protective Eliot. I really like that they are almost two separate characters. I didn't even know I needed werewolf Eliot in my life but now I want to find more! I also kinda like the idea of wolf Eliot seeing the team as his pack and just being a fluffy protective teddy bear. I don't think it would work very well in this story but maybe sometime you could maybe possibly please write a fluffy one shot? Maybe? You don't have to but if you do I would totally read the heck out of it!
5/1/2016 c4 IwriteFornobody
Skillet! One of the best bands ever! I read the first chapter title and starting singing Monster, but was like nah that can't be it. It's too easy! Also, pretty great story so far!
6/29/2015 c43 ann.ryce
Oh happy, happy, joy, joy another chapter! I think this chapter was good and I kinda like Layla. She is really helping the team with all her information!
4/18/2015 c42 athea781
Yeah! Another chapter! I've been waiting for sooo long for more of one of my favorite stories. And, it was well worth the wait. What the F#%*K is going on? Snipers with glowing purple eyes that transfer energy & take over people? What are they... where did they come from... who sent them... & what (or who) do they want?
OH, pleeease update soon. You just can't leave us with Eliot having "large purple specks" in his eyes & screaming at Parker to "cuff him... NOW" All we need in a possessed, injured, very pissed off werewolf!
Thank-you for updating... MORE PLEASE!
4/18/2015 c42 ann.ryce
So happy to see a new chapter of one of my favorite stories! What is the sniper and will Eliot and Hardison be ok? To bad Parker's aim wasn't better!
1/28/2015 c40 Guest
I'm so happy to see updates!
1/28/2015 c25 ckh
I got it in the first chapter...but I'm aSkillet fan. Been singing along with each chapter...lol
1/26/2015 c40 ann.ryce
Yeah, another chapter! That was good, as always Eliot took care of his team then himself. Loved the bit about him slurring his words a little bit cause of his fangs, that was cute! Please don't forget about this story!
1/25/2015 c40 athea781
"... some mention of blood"? Right, somewhat more that just some. This chapter was very descriptive, you really showed us just what Eliot has to go through to care for his wounds. I had to actually stop once or twice in order to collect myself. You didn't just have me seeing what was happening, you had me feeling it also... that's real talent, you can really write.
Now, is Eliot going to tell the others about Moreau's threat against him? Probably not, which will keep them from worrying but will also put himself in even more danger. He really has to start letting his team help him more or it will be his (& maybe the team's) undoing.
My thoughts... Moreau wants his Wolfsbane enhanced Lycan, his super warrior... the unusual smells Eliot got from the snipers, Moreau's supernatural army... And Eliot is the key to it all.
What is in store for our favorite hitter & his team/family? Are we heading for a battle of the Alphas, & the prize being a super Beta wolf? Even though Nate & Sophie are not Lycan, they an still be Alpha. With Moreau's alpha power being domination & fear ... and Sophie's alpha power coming from pure love... the ballte should prove EPIC!
Thank-you for sharing your story with us. (AND Thanks for updating!) I'm looking forward to your next chapters.
Things are getting quite exciting, please keep us on the edge with updates!
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