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for I Want To Sick Too !

6/20/2018 c1 CookiJelli
Yep ok ihave suggestions. Your english isnt the best (sorry) you have several grammer mistakes that maybe you can check again.
And also way tooooo much korean dialogue, it makes it a bit cringey, if there were just a couple of korean words its cute but too much is just woa ok..
And also if you understand the korean, the dialogues dont really match, but you arent korean (if u are 한국어 배우신적있죠..?)

But overall good story i like the plot and idea, and baek is being a jealous cutie while sehun is dying because he cant drink bubble tea.
4/28/2014 c1 amus
WTF is that?
ngakak njir... XDDD
3/22/2014 c1 Guest
Overall bagus, cerita ringan...
Tapi masih banyak grammar yg salah..
Mulai dari judul, harusnya I want to be sick too
Tp bagus udh post pake bhs inggris yg mana emg susah.. Apresiasi buat kamu (y)
Semangat ya
3/21/2014 c1 5aprilbambi
wtf is baekhyun. how idiot he was. ah i mean exo not only baekhyun bcs every dialogue here success make me burst in laugh. ahaha. what else when sehun was scared the nurses gonna rape him and said them crazy lol no. ahaaahaa such a silly man. and yeah poor baekhyun since other members scold on him. pmsl /pats baekhyun's back; and thanks to chanyeol bcs of his amazing plan. /gives a trophy to chanyeol; lol. and also congrats to baekhyun finally got fever /what; and can feel the heaven that sehun means (and he means too). lol this is funny. keep on writing okay. hwaiting! /punch air;
3/21/2014 c1 9Roxanne Jung
LoL Baekhyun...
3/21/2014 c1 SMyLee
Saya suka summary nya .. Ijin baca :))

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