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for warriors: The Misadventures of Modernclan!

7/14/2014 c9 JulesyCat
You can do whatever with my characters . Lol (:
7/14/2014 c9 JulesyCat
Love it so much! Keep updating. :D
7/9/2014 c9 6ImSienablaze88DaughterOfHades
Name: Aquamarinelightning
personality: uptight and proper.
Apperance: blue grey she cat with whit whiskers and tail.

I hope I did not miss anything and I hope you like her
6/1/2014 c9 SwiftOfStoneClan
Ok so here are my OCs. If you don't mind, I'd like to have them be mates. You can't PM me cuz I don't have an account so to ahead, take the reins on their story.
Name: Phantomblade
Gender: She-cat
Description: She is ghostly white with white eyes, but she's not blind.
Personality: She's quiet, and it's hard to guess her emotions or what she's thinking because she usually keeps the same expression. She's also pretty stealthy.
Name: Venomrawk
Gender: Tom
Description: He's grey, with ginger splotches all over, and his eyes are bright green.
Personality: He's pretty rude to everyone except Phantomblade, whom he loves to all eternity. He also is obsessed with sticks.
5/24/2014 c9 Guest
Name: Boldbird
Gender: Tom
Appearence: Gray and ginger tom with orange eyes
Personality: Bold and rude

Name: Whispererhog
Gender: She-cat
Appearence: Large silver she-cat with pinkish spots
Personality: Lazy( can she have kits later on?)

Name: Catfur
Gender: Tom
Appearence: Tabby and white tom with green eyes
Personality: Cat-like and independent

Do anything you want with these I don't care
5/22/2014 c7 JulesyCat
5/24/2014 c9 15Amberflame805
WTF? This sooooooo AWESOME! Please update!
5/24/2014 c9 3Fireheart24
MORE! pwizza? (kitty cat eyes)
5/24/2014 c7 15Amberflame805
This is so funny
5/24/2014 c6 Amberflame805
What the heck just..I don't know what to say. Oh wait, yeah I do: AWESOME!
5/24/2014 c5 Amberflame805
Okay I'm favoriting...
5/24/2014 c4 Amberflame805
5/24/2014 c9 93Broken Twisted Lullabies
You can do what ever you want with Sneakypaw/ shadow. I don't care :) lol please update soon!
5/17/2014 c1 Julianne
Need update! Anyways can Unicornkit become an apprentice in the next chapter plz. And thx
5/17/2014 c7 Julianne
Love it so far :3 can't wait for more!
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