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for Illustrandis Corda Tenet

1/2/2018 c4 Guest
Update my man. This story is so good it shouldn't have to die so early!
3/20/2017 c1 Guest
Update please
1/28/2017 c4 4Boyy2k
Well, do update this, will you? It's, interesting, to read.


2/27/2016 c2 Rangle
Revonair sounds like a make up/beauty product brand. XD
2/25/2016 c4 PoisonPen37
I can't wait until the next chapter. I'm glad you are finally updating this story again.
11/1/2015 c3 PoisonPen37
Please update! This is amazing!
6/23/2015 c3 Guest
Hury and maake .more ples
6/22/2015 c2 Hunter Hagen
Alright I'm going to give you my honest opinion.
Good name for the series. Maybe you could have gotten a little more clever with the MC name (revonius/raven) if you see what I mean. You started the story well but it seems the MC became "friends" with them too quickly. He should stay formal like an Imperial "assassin" or "Lieutenant". Like maybe not start a war or "burn his potential bridges" right away, but be forceful and manipulative. Maybe very secretive seeing as how he doesn't know if he has the upper hand (which he doesn't nessecarily). Now as for his personality you could go for an angry "imperial Lieutenant" or something he's angry and "listens" to his "master/superior officer" and stuff (you kow, the "dark apprentice") but is not entirely bad (he just doesn't know that, and won't accept it(because he's been "trained" and "indoctrinated" into believing the dark side is powerful)). Also one last tip maybe look into the Star Wars lore a bit and read up on the force. It's pretty interesting, but I'm suggesting it because there's some interesting side effects to the dark side. I also have notice that the force almost "enhances" emotional states (like how you can suddenly get angry, and then right afterwards feel regret for getting angry(which is why Jedi try to control their emotions)) the dark side is like that. Also maybe the Titans are a little more cautious and restrictive to the MC "forcing" him to escape and "run" from them. Maybe raven sense anger and darkness from him and stuff (a little more detail/in depth interactions).
4/26/2014 c2 4biddle29
I really like this! Keep writing please! :D
4/26/2014 c2 Cf96
4/23/2014 c2 Vaeius
This is a good story I look forward to reading more of it. Also the Vantari sound pretty interesting. Sunlight could be a bit of a problem for Revonair if he has to carry around an umbrella in a fight, although he could get around that with just a hood so I suppose so my point is moot.
3/31/2014 c1 Vaeius
I like it. Revonair doesn't seem like one of those overly melodramatic Sith lords. Also is Revonair a play off of Revan?
3/28/2014 c1 Wraith's Heart
Only one thing to say: Please don't make Raven like him too fast. That would be too OOC.

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