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1/26/2019 c4 5rObErTpAtTiNsOnIsHoT1989
update please
1/9/2017 c4 1bjq
1/18/2015 c3 8WHITLOCKSSIREN
Oh man I like this
10/13/2014 c3 13TerryGyimah
Here is hoping Theresa she moves on with Fox who just happens to be Ethan's half-brother, Ivy and Julian's son, and with Fox & Theresa becoming a couple we can see Ivy's reaction to seeing Theresa with another one of her sons, Ivy she will probably want Fox and Theresa as far away from each other as possible but Ivy she has no say in Fox's life, she was never ever any kind of mother to Fox she shipped him, Fancy and Pretty off to boarding school and she never cared anything about Fox or his sisters because Ethan was the child she cared the most about

But here is hoping Sam he finds out what Ivy has done because we all know Grace and David were never ever married, and that Ivy she paid David to be Grace's husband and that we all know John is not Grace's son either, so here is hoping Sam he finds out everything Ivy did

But as for Noah I hope he comes back to Harmony along with Fancy and Pretty but how is Alistair not dead? I mean how does no one hate Alistair? The man is a monster, he is a rapist, murderer, racist, bigot, everything in the book the man is pure evil
9/22/2014 c3 guezt
Glad Kay is making progress hope she finds love and hope Sam finds out the truth about what ivy did and glad that Luis and Sheridan told Antonio and Beth the truth. Maybe Beth and Antonio pairing.
9/20/2014 c3 109samanthabravo
Loved this chapter and appreciated the dialog. Update soon please. You know your Harmony history well.
9/20/2014 c2 samanthabravo
Like it but wish you would put some dialog in it too. Still it has potential! Update soon.
9/20/2014 c1 samanthabravo
Interesting start. I am ready for more for sure.
4/9/2014 c2 christina768594
Update soon.
4/3/2014 c2 hot3cheetos
Love charity and Miguel together can't wait to see who you pair Theresa with hope it Fox also can't wait for
Luis and Sheridan to get married.
3/30/2014 c2 Stelena91
Pretty good so far please continue
3/24/2014 c2 toni
Can't wait for next chapter when they find out that Kay is a lair also can't wait for sheridan and Luis
to get married and wonder who Theresa going to be with.
3/26/2014 c2 ROckxTRish
Please update glad Miguel married charity can't wait for sheridan and Luis to get married please pair
Theresa and fox together they make a great couple.
3/24/2014 c2 christina
Love it Theresa/Fox pairing plz also glad that Miguel and Charity got married Kay is enough about
a lair also love Sheridan and Luis together can't wait tell they get married.
3/26/2014 c2 jocabxleah
Update soon

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