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for Harry Potter and The Alteran Gift

2/28 c45 4viningc
Too bad you lost interest in this story. It would have been quite a saga.
2/17 c33 ItzJoe
this became boring so very quick, and you are doing things in such a roundabout way, its prolonging the plot by so much, its become more or less chapters of full recaps etc of whats already happened with massive amounts of over-explaining
2/2 c11 varganan
It wasted a lot of valuable resources and raw materials. Fatal error.
8/20/2023 c45 Cwhit930
Thanks for the story. Great potential for a multiverse HP story. Always like SG/HP crossovers
8/1/2023 c45 im1
re final A/N: No. great story though thank you for it, and thank you for wrapping things up with your outline.
6/28/2023 c39 Fast Frank
I would have expected that Sen. Kinsey's counterpart in the House of Representatives, would be at the conference. The House seems to get short shrift in SG-1 fics.
6/26/2023 c29 Fast Frank
Wonderful chapter. The SGC summery is especially helpful for those of us who didn't see all of the season one and two episodes of "Stargate: SG-1".
6/24/2023 c24 Fast Frank
I mostly just skimmed the design specifications, but it seems to me that for the city-ship design, a hexagonal configuration would be better than pentagonal.
6/23/2023 c20 Fast Frank
Very good.
6/19/2023 c12 Fast Frank
Re orbital mechanics: The altitude of geosynchronous orbits is dependent on the speed of rotation of the planetary body in question. At any other altitude, the relative stationary position needs to be sustained by continuous application of power.
The use of the term "Human Form Replicator" indicates to me that Harry will have a solution to the Replicators plaguing the Asgard, when he learns about them.
6/19/2023 c11 Fast Frank
Most people would be horrified by Operation Asura, saying, "Harry you've gone Dark!"
6/19/2023 c10 Fast Frank
So many people confuse "Capitol" with "Capital".
Got to beware of giddy subspace lifeforms. :)
6/19/2023 c8 Fast Frank
Geostationary orbits must be over locations on the equator. I suspect that the location at 0 deg. longitude is at or near a prime location for communication satellites.
Push starting a car works with a manual transmission; I helped do it, once.
6/17/2023 c5 Fast Frank
Aww, I wanted to see the shock and horror, upon the announcement that the Cup was a horcrux.
2/24/2023 c45 53EdTheBeast
Loved the story! That said, would not read a just Harry/Ginny as I hate that pairing from canon. I have read a few that I enjoyed, but do not like it. Now Harry/Ginny/other is fine.
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