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9/22/2023 c12 1EmperorSnorlax
One of my favorite chapters honestly, its fun going back i to this even after so much time has passed. That last bit about Master and Student always gave me hope that you'd have the same kind of thing going on for Primeape and Infernape and possibly Pignite XD
6/24/2022 c1 Geurtg
Muy buena
6/22/2022 c14 Inv4derx123
This is a good story I hope you continue it at some point even though it’s been 8 years
11/30/2021 c14 Liam
Please continue story
11/25/2021 c14 Reader
Awesome battle as expected
Guess Ash's side quest is humbling the Sinnoh Frontier Brains by dominating them in battle
Will we get Ash vs Palmer rematch with Torterra and Rhyperior?
11/25/2021 c13 Reader
Awesome battle so far
Garchomp vs Zapdos will likely be great
Hope not all Brains will be this cocky
Kanto ones were much more respectful
11/25/2021 c12 Reader
Great the Primeape is back
Looking forward to Mega evolution reveal and Ash's Pokémon doing it
11/25/2021 c11 Reader
Growlithe and Bagon are great additions
Looking forward to Salamence being added to Ash's team of pseudo legendary
11/25/2021 c10 Reader
Battle was good
So the Tauros are gonna be traded?
The crab friendship is actually pretty funny
Snorlax being Snorlax and putting effort only when food is involved
11/25/2021 c9 Reader
Ash and Morrison reunion was great
Wish we got him earlier in Advanced to be established more
11/25/2021 c8 Reader
Big Baby Tyranitar is adorable with its power and arrogance
Kind of like Melmetal
Paul has been to Johto though as is where he got Weavile and Murkrow i believe
11/25/2021 c7 Reader
Arbok tying with Misty's Gyarados was a bit unrealistic but it'll definitely motivate Misty
Can't wait for Larvitar to join as is probably a Tyranitar by now
11/25/2021 c6 Reader
Sceptile learning a new move is great
Will it learn Dual Chop?
Ash scared of Sabrina was funny and good to see Gengar join Ash
Interesting choice in Arbok
11/25/2021 c5 Reader
Mimey vs Cilan was funny
Curious to see where you'll go with Bulbasaur
Of the three girls Dawn has come off as the most compatible with Ash and most supportive
Gary vs Ash was good
11/25/2021 c4 Reader
Everyone fanning the flames when it comes to the girls' feelings is funny
Poor Bulbasaur getting ditched by his girl and his brother
Pidgeot back is awesome and can lead the flock of Ash's birds
Ash and Delia definitely dodged a bullet during the bike complaints
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