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8/19/2017 c28 1Nagaichi
I'm glad you updated. This is one of my favorite fics. I cant wait to see more!
8/19/2017 c28 MULTIMEDIAMAN
Good to see ya back, even if the circumstances are...not particularly ideal.

I enjoyed the chapter
8/19/2017 c28 17STRQ
sorry about the cat. cats are great. still, good to see more of this story.
8/19/2017 c28 10Felan Lupus
Your chapter was amazing as always and I'm glad your sister's surgery went well! I'm sorry your writing buddy past...May she rest in Catnip and be happy. I look forward to reading more of your work! Thank you!
8/19/2017 c28 Kaiyeti
YAY YOURE BACK! *yetihug* Glad to hear from you again and that your sister is will! Though I am sorry to hear about your friend. *comforting yetihug* Just know that they are in a better place and are happy to have met you. *yetihug* Anyway, It was a amazing and lovely chapter! Well done!
8/19/2017 c28 1Dragon Lord Draco
wait... your writing buddy was a cat? but my cat just walks on the keyboard. well either way I'm sorry to hear... read about it but the news about your sis is great tell her your fans hope she feels better soon
8/19/2017 c28 18Dragon and Sword Master
This was a wonderful date chapter and I enjoyed every second of it. Well done.
8/19/2017 c28 SilverWordsmith47
It's alive! So glad to see a new chapter, nice to have you back. I'd actually just re-read through the whole thing, too!
8/12/2017 c3 RatchetButter
I'm chocking on life.
8/5/2017 c27 12RandomReaderThatWrites
I love this story so much, and I keep rereading it, hoping that one day I will see a chapter 28. When, is the question.
8/1/2017 c26 2TheNeoNightmare
Is it a problem that my favorite part about this chapter was Minesniper's notes?
7/28/2017 c27 beyonce'sthighgap
I'm so happy I started and caught up on this story while it was still being written. It's always so sad when I realize I've jumped onto a fic too late. Can't wait for Weiss to rip Heather a new one!
7/27/2017 c27 Guest
Dude hello was takin so long in need more (and if you dead then i call dibs on your car and stuff)
7/26/2017 c27 UltimateRwbyShipper
Omg I have been looking for this sweeeeeet drama that I could get into. Unfortunately I have been left on a cliffhanger and am hoping to get an update soon! XoXo to the author and al! Love love love _
7/23/2017 c25 Kyoya hatake
Charged with assault and battery as well as reckless endangerment and attempted murder. That would be my case against him in court.
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