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5/29/2017 c27 MyLoveForMusic
I hope you are doing alright take your time. Life can be very difficult so take your time there is no rush on you. As long as you are alright. You have an amazing story so take your time make sure you are fine as well. Be safe and thank you for your wonderful story. Wishing you the best.
5/29/2017 c27 9maxstories95
It's great and wonderful to see updates. I'm sorry life has been difficult with you. But I do hope it gets easier. I always find your chapters nice and enjoy reading.
5/28/2017 c26 12RandomReaderThatWrites
The last notes of this chapter totally made my day, LOL! XD and I totally agree with Minesniper!
As always your work is simply amazing! Hope to see more chapters... Oh wait, the next chapter was updated like 2 days ago! Lucky me! Going to shut my mouth (stop typing XD) and proceed to the next amazing chapter of the most amazing fanfiction!
5/28/2017 c27 Guest
I loved the new direction you took. More opportunities for Heather action.

Take your time to really capture what you are going for. Love your work!
5/28/2017 c27 LitchKing788
Loved the new chapter the plot is coming along nicely also like the little rock and roll pun you had there at the end that's right I caught you in the act
5/27/2017 c27 5Jay aka Jordan
I hope and pray you and your family get better :)

Ruby you better roll and be great
5/27/2017 c27 Guest
yes! finally a new chapter i love this fan fiction a lot and it keeps pulling me wanting more and more and so on so keep up this amazing fiction! 3
5/27/2017 c27 UselessMuppet
The Boss is back! Great chapter to return with. :)
5/27/2017 c27 WolfAndPens
I really hope you're doing well. Family issues are the hardest ones to deal with. I loved this chapter! Nora was perfect! I'd do the same for my friends. Anyway, good luck with life
5/27/2017 c13 loganhunter2
More please and thank you
5/27/2017 c12 loganhunter2
That final lines are usually hilarious
5/27/2017 c11 loganhunter2
Wast that a star trek reference?
5/27/2017 c10 loganhunter2
I don't have feels you have feels
5/27/2017 c9 loganhunter2
So im gonna go on a guess and say her back injury is a mirror to the canon one with the beowolf atack with yang when they were kids
5/27/2017 c8 loganhunter2
Hahahhah this hilarious
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