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5/27/2017 c7 loganhunter2
You big gay baby...ha
5/27/2017 c6 loganhunter2
I love it
5/27/2017 c4 loganhunter2
I like it lot
5/27/2017 c3 loganhunter2
I ship it
5/26/2017 c27 4Silencer39
And we are back with a great chapter personally love the idea of traveling helps open the story to any number of possibilities, great work and can't wait for more!
5/26/2017 c27 CubeBrick
Beautiful. This resort thing was a great way to get the our characters into some new locations, mix things up a bit and learn more about them. We have more reasons to hate our antagonist. We have confirmed Nora is as stupid as she is genius.

As for life kicking your ass, all I can say best to you and all you do. I'm sure it's hard and I could NEVER relate, but I really hope that things get better. Love your work
5/26/2017 c27 Guest
That was a great chapter. Nora was awesome.
Looking forward to more of your stories and other chapters to this story. Tell your sis a get well soon from me and an all the best for her surgery. Again great story :)
5/26/2017 c27 1Sabercat22
Whoooo Noras a Pyro
5/26/2017 c27 fullmetalalchemist26
Nice chapter! Gotta love Nora and her... quirkiness? Also nice ending for the chapter. Fluff is always good :D
5/26/2017 c27 Boarador
silly author, Family first and pleasure writing second or fifth depending on how your day is going
5/26/2017 c27 19dracohalo117
Well Heather is a terrible person.

5/26/2017 c27 2GrnDrgnzrd
Good to see you well. Thank you for the update.
See you next chapter.
5/26/2017 c27 22Haley Earthstone
Good show, Nora. That was a hot idea. A nice burn, too. Damn Heather.
5/26/2017 c27 Guest
Dear god is that a pun?
5/26/2017 c27 199Autistic-Grizzly
thank you Nora, that character is going to be a pain isn't she?
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