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8/2/2016 c22 Guest
Man i hope your ok i can relate i had a cat named Scharry and i found out he got run over i was heartbroken, and i also had a cat named Tiyah and she was so old i had to take to the vet to get put down it crushed what little heart i had. I remember after that i abandoned what little friends i had, cried in my room for weeks, and i became a depressed anti-social pessimist but then i was offered two lovely cats named Jumpper and Flassh and came out of my depressed state although i'm still an anti-social pessimist but i have my cats because "I dont need friends i got milk". Anyway i just want to say i can relate and it gets better knowing there in a better place watching over you so ya good luck.
8/2/2016 c25 5suomynonAX
Loving Yang and warm sisterly moments, what could be better? I really enjoy how Yang can be both tender and teasing at the same time~ Looking forward to what happens next!

Thank you as well, editor. I salute you and good luck! ;p
8/2/2016 c25 Deadjr
Amazing chapter. I love your work
Now this is for my own thought but will there be a chapter were the dad comes into the picture
8/2/2016 c25 2Jack Inqu
I'm glad that Yang passed her test, and that Weiss, in contrast to the usual portrayals, seems to have loving and supportive parents.

I can understand where Ruby is coming from. I don't smoke or drink, and I don't like taking medication either; I worry about getting addicted to them.

Luckily, she has a very good older sister. :)

Take care, good luck, and I look forward to your next update.
8/2/2016 c25 2GrnDrgnzrd
Ha! Made it through. Ya know, for something that was accidentally released, it's one heck of an AU. Fantastic. Don't rush a good thing on our account, good things come to those who wait. See you next chapter.
8/1/2016 c24 Augustine
How do ya expect us to mount a rescue when we ain't even got an address!

So happy to have another chapter. :)
8/1/2016 c25 Guest
I actually bought Monster Hubter 4 Ultimate because this story made the series sound like fun. It was awesome.

I've also played Secret of Mana in the past… eh. I imagine it would be fantastic if I had someone to play with, but solo, the AI is way too stupid for me to accomplish much of anything.
8/1/2016 c25 19dracohalo117
Great chapter, hmm, I wonder when the next stage of this drama shall unfold.

Looking forward to seeing the next chapter.

8/1/2016 c25 foreignpinoy
Ruby learned from the best doctor in the world Gavin Free. Just like with any illness, you can also tell yourself, "Yeah, I'm not gonna do it" when it come to physical pain.
8/1/2016 c25 1Sabercat22
So I finally learned what Monster Hunter is thanks to my team leader almost ordering me to buy it and god damn it that game is addicting. Also good chapter I can't wait to see how ruby gets back to her Hardcore Parkour.
8/1/2016 c25 1Deku07
Ruby and Yang's sisterly love just makes me so happy and I was actually smiling while reading this chapter. I love this story and I can't wait for the next chapter. The editor's note was funny too
8/1/2016 c25 RatedRSuperStar87
Thanks for the Update. Some Weiss and Ruby in the next chapter maybe. see how this strained their relationship.
8/1/2016 c25 Matt22152
Are you being serious or just joking?
8/1/2016 c25 2RealTerminal
An author who isn't addicted to Overwatch? I'm not sure if I should be angry or impressed.
8/1/2016 c25 Chewy Milk
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