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4/5/2014 c4 19Tear of Light
This chapter was very cute. I can totally see Ruby driving Weiss mad before she succumbs to accepting that's just how Ruby is. Lol. I wonder what Ruby will dream about...
4/4/2014 c4 xilyflob
ohhhhhh that's a good last line there, i'm really enjoying this, thanks for writing it
4/4/2014 c4 1Cata2136
Good sir, this is amazing! Nora and rens dynamics carry over so well too! One minute you're comedy, the next you're serious! And it flows! Gorgeous! I want more.

On a less fangirl note, when should we expect some 'weiss forcing dress up on ruby action'? I mean this in the adorabru sense. Not the pervy one. That's for another day.
4/4/2014 c4 5FlamingEmbers7
I very much am enjoying this story, I'm glad I stumbled upon it.

I do wonder how exactly Weiss knows that Ruby has abs; if she, per chance, saw them whilst shopping then I wonder how she missed Ruby's scars. I'm assuming that if Ruby got mauled by a cougar then there would be residual tissue damage (extensive scarring). Perhaps this will be touched upon in further chapters, in a more intimate setting perhaps wink, wink, nudge, nudge (I jest of course, please don't take this as an indication of me telling you what to write).

With regards to Ruby's traumatic encounter with a cougar, it makes sense that she show signs of PTSD, which you portrayed rather well with Blake's little feline friend. Though one thing that was inconsistent with this is that Ruby's cougar phobia generalized to cats but not wolves and lions seeing as how they actually pose a real threat (Ruby stated that she likes to wear clothes with said animals). This, of course, does not discredit her fashion choices.

I apologize for leaving such an extensive review, but I simply had to complement your story. The plot thus far is very entertaining, the characters are also well portrayed and the writing is better than what I have come to expect from fanfiction. There where a few spelling mistakes here and there but nothing that takes away from the story. Kudos.
4/4/2014 c4 30Go Away Haley
This is really great :3 I look forward for more
4/4/2014 c4 12SanguisAnima
I'm curious. Was Ruby soloing a Narga? I friggin HATE any variant of the Nargacuga (YES LUCENT NARGA, YOU ARE SPECIAL MENTION HERE DAMN YOU!)
... Ahem. Nice touch setting Ruby as a freerunner... Reminds me of games such as Vector, Mirror's Edge, et al. Makes me wonder if you'll be setting a chapter where Ruby will really have to pull out all the stops and maximize the parkour...
... Oh, and have Weiss design Ruby WITH A SCYTHE (shoutout to canon!Ruby)! Please?

- Sanguis
4/4/2014 c4 5Relks the Disturbed
Loving the story and the concept so far! I really like the way you redid the characters, and yet still managed to make them seem like themselves. I can't wait to read your next chapter, keep up the good work!

Signed, your new fan.
4/4/2014 c4 Fremde Is Not Taken okay
Bark, bark, my interest is set on the next chapie
4/4/2014 c4 GreenMug
Some minor spelling/grammatical errors here and there but it doesn't really break the flow of the story.

You really understand and portray ruby and Weiss well, they aren't OC at all. I love Nora's parts, even though it's just a pinch, it's still funny.

Thank you for the update! I enjoyed reading the chapter and i look forward to the next. See you then
4/4/2014 c4 Red.Dusk
I love the last line you put in the newest chapter. It was awesome! I love your story. I am in awe! Honestly. I read to much for my own good. But stories like this, is te reason I do read. Thank you for your brilliance.
4/4/2014 c4 2rm928
I just read all four f the chapters you have posted thus far and I must say this is a wonderful story. I loved the scene with Ruby walking in on Blake and Yang. I got the distinct vibe that Soot is going to be a major help in Ruby's life (and not just for her cat fear). I'm looking forward to more "being Wiess's assistant" antics. Keep up the good work!
I apologize if words are wierd in this as I was writing it from my iPhone.
4/4/2014 c4 growlscout
Sweet chapter. Yang's final line was just flat out AWESOME. I had to laugh at Weiss' reactions at the mall to Ruby's thoughts on women's clothing design and then her regretting dressing Ruby in clothes that showed off her figure better. hehehehehe I would love to know what Weiss dressed her in that supposedly "held true to [Ruby's] style". I also loved Ruby trying to get Weiss to actually *eat*. I can see that this could develop into a complimentary relationship with Ruby looking out for Weiss in her own way.

Thank you for the continued feeding ;-)
4/4/2014 c3 TheGentlemanTRex
Due to an annoying friend I posted early, that evil little...

Anyway you have renewed my faith in fanfics for another year,and I feel you can only go up from here.

Can't wait to enjoy the future of this fic.

4/4/2014 c4 Guest
Those last three lines are really awesome XD "Let artists sleep. They dream" Awesome work bro XD
4/4/2014 c4 TheGentlemanTRex
It may not have political intrigue, fighting or the sheer emotion I've seen in some fics that have literally made reading like going through an emotional roller coaster like any other. But what it gives me is an interesting and original read that shows potential for a great writer.

I went off gut feeling when I saw this, a slow fic night with many cliches appearing, but nothing catching my interest. I wasn't expecting much but after the first chapter I got the feeling that this was going somewhere, that it had potential.

Now 3 chapters later I'm rewarded with easily the most interesting end to a chapter I've seen in about a year. The conversation between Yang and Weiss to do with Ruby dreaming at the end of chapter 4 showed me that you actually understand the mind of your characters, that even if they are both artists in their own right they both have different thought process's and gain inspirations in diffrt ways
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