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8/15/2016 c1 1Sarai
6/8/2015 c1 300darkgirl3
Loved this story. Just got season three so haven't seen the episode this refers too, but you did an exellent job. Keep up the awesome writing
11/26/2014 c1 jmlane1966
You take these very tense situations and parlay them into extremely moving exchanges between these two wonderful people. Impressive!
5/8/2014 c1 46LovinJackson
That's fantastic :) Loving this :)
4/2/2014 c1 Guest
Great Story! Wishing for more!
3/25/2014 c1 321sammy1026
I absolutely ADORE this story. You do an AWESOME job showing the emotions of both Steve & Catherine as individuals and then the way those emotions work in relation to the other person. PERFECTLY handled. I LOVE that you maintain individual emotional journeys for the two of them as opposed to painting them both with the same brush. FLAWLESS characterization. Really, really well done.

Your dialogue is AWESOME. It carries the emotional weight of the story without becoming too maudlin or overdone. NICE WORK!

GREAT JOB portraying Catherine's uneasy frame of mind while she's waiting to hear from Steve. Walking to the balcony, repeatedly checking the phone, the exhale of relief when the call finally comes in. Even though she knew he was physically ok she was still worried. WELL DONE! And then I LOVE the way she tried to decipher his tone. Such a great little glimpse of their dynamic.

So Steve-like that he was already in the lobby when he called. LOVE that moment.

You do a SPECTACULAR job showing us Steve's frame of mind through the little details. The tired smile, the voice with no energy. PERFECT! Your description of the physical details of their hug in the middle of the room is BREATHTAKING! So so so BEAUTIFUL!

"I could have lost my partner." AMAZING moment!

LOVE that she knew Freddie was at the heart of his issue about leaving someone in a dangerous moment, and her offering to listen to whatever details he was able to talk about. AWESOME!

Steve's reaction to the events of earlier in the day, the way he connected them to what had happened with Freddie, his inability to reveal any of the details, his guilt over the fact they hadn't been able to bring Freddie's body home-every step of his emotional journey is PITCH PERFECT here. Really, really, really SPECTACULAR!

And the final exchange, where she leads him to the idea of retrieving the body-PERFECTION!

I can't say enough how much I LOVE this story. I'm counting the minutes till I can read your next story.
3/25/2014 c1 5lacrevette35
Yes ! A new fic !
I love it! Yeah I know it’s shocking coming from me ;)

I love how Cath is worried even though she knows no one was hurt. It was a great detail to say she exhaled with relief to really show how worried she was.
I love that she listened to his voice to see if he was really okay or if he needed her. And the way she hesitated when she asked him if he wanted her to come to his place. It's great because at the start of season 3 their relationship wasn’t really defined yet. She wasn’t his girlfriend as he told Danny.
So glad Steve was already at the hotel! I just love that he came to see her instead of going back home alone. Also for what stand R&R? My French mind can’t find what it could exactly mean.

Aww, poor Steve, he’s without energy, can I hug him? No? Okay…
I love how she tried to read is face, she knows him enough to be able to do so, love that!
As always the little detail like Cath touching Steve’s hand… perfect!
OMG the hug! So sad to see Steve like this but it’s great he isn’t ashamed to show her what he really feels and that he needs her! Cath waiting for him to speak, just being here for him was perfect, so in character!

What an amazing parallel with Freddie! So good!
I love that Cath is there for him but doesn’t push him to talk if he doesn’t want to.
Him asking her to just lie down meant so much, at least that’s how I see it. He just need her next to him, nothing more, nothing less. Perfect!
Love that he trusts her enough to talk to her about Freddie.
What an amazing idea to make Cath being the one talking about bringing Freddie home. At first I was thinking it was weird because in 3-20 they talked about 3 years of negotiation. I couldn’t believe YOU would make a mistake like that but then I read Steve’s answer and realized that of course you wouldn’t! What was I thinking? Sorry!
But yeah it was great of Cath to think of this, to show her support to Steve and to tell him to start again after she learned about the results of the negotiation.
His reactions after this, thinking then looking at her and kissing her was so good! All this details really make the story better. I know I’m telling you this every time but you’re so good at this! :)
I love that he just kissed her briefly before settling back on the bed, just being comfy with her and that he didn’t lead to sex. For me it never was just sex between them so I’m so glad you wrote this!

“Thank you, Cath” “Always” Aww the feels… I love this!

It was a such a good fic! Thank you! :)
Feel free to write another one soon ;)
3/25/2014 c1 9LuckyStarPham
It's really short yet wonderful and beautifully written. I love how Steve automatically thought about Cath after he had a long day, and came to where she was living before calling her. I love that you combine 2 storylines about Danny and Freddie into this one, that totally makes sense. And I love that Cath, instead of Steve, was the one who came up with the idea of contact DOD to bring Freddie back.

And this is my favorite line: He straightened finally and released her, not quite meeting her eyes when he spoke. "I'm sorry. I probably shouldn't have come. You're trying to relax. I don't really know why I . . ." - "You came because you didn't want to be alone, Steve." . You reveal a vulnerable side of Steve, which we don't offen see on TV, and that's really gread. Thank you for another excellent fiction.
3/25/2014 c1 Jean25
Love this moment, shows how well they know one another, how deep their friendships is. liked how Steve was in the lobby hoping she was in her room and not at Pearl yet respectful to ask if it was okay to see her. Great job of tying in this episode with the loss of Freddie. McRoll is the "real deal"!
3/25/2014 c1 366Mari217
Another amazing, insightful piece. This was BEAUTIFUL. The raw emotion comes across wonderfully. The "I could have lost my partner." Hits the reader like a sledgehammer. Catherine's perfectly paced responses, her knowing exactly what he needs, is terrific and so true to character and canon. The not wanting to press, but wanting to ease the burden. I've been there and you got right inside Catherine's head.

I'm sometimes flabbergasted that you aren't connected to the military, because you pick up the nuances so well, even in your lighter fics. Thanks for that, for the realistic portrayal of the actions and emotions.

Bravo and hoo-rah, my friend. Well done. Hugs, Mari
3/25/2014 c1 Guest
Nicely written shows the true connection steve and cath have. Loved it would love more
3/25/2014 c1 26Leni-H50
This was so nice. Somber but nice. I like the way you tied the two events together.
3/25/2014 c1 Guest
Brilliant, love the interaction between them, she knows him so well
3/25/2014 c1 mcrolling
Oh this is so great, perfect episode tag. I can totally see this happening.
I can only imagine how Steve must have felt :(
3/25/2014 c1 3ToZiKa
Catherine being the one to bring up the possibility of getting Freddie back makes her going on the mission a logical conclusion. I wondered a bit why she'd be there since she's usually in Intel. But of course I enjoyed her being there so I didn't worry about it too much.

It's so nice to see him go to her when he needs someone to take care of him for a while (even though he probably didn't admit that to anyone, least of all himself) and to make sure he doesn't have to be alone with his thoughts.
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