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4/16 c34 erasenpai946
Luffy going back in time is useless, he knows what's going to happen and has the strength to avoid it but he doesn't avoid anything, he lets everything happen like it happened last time
3/24 c2 tylor13roney
dont forget to open his mind to bloody common sense and maybe some intelligence
3/16 c6 rhandson.ghost
this fanfic is ridiculous, you really are copying every line of one piece instead of writing your own
3/13 c116 daniel2610994
Meh understandable man, oda has gone all out with info, lore and action, lots and lots of action, I mean for fuck sake luffy is against the big five currently so I can only imagine how difficult it will be to write a good going back in time story.
3/9 c116 6Neko Twins Kagamine
It's okay but, i still wait for your fanfiction
3/7 c116 Maelstrom Resurrected
Well its a good thing that our author is not a lolicon. That would've been really awkward!
3/6 c116 david.teague.3950
That spoiler about Jewelry Bonney is funny, I had no idea that she was well and truly just a brat. Her devil fruit must be the age age fruit or something. BTW part of me doesn't care what other people think about this story I actually miss it but do hope you're able to get it figured out eventually.
3/3 c116 Razorback
Surprised actually that you came back, look man I do miss this story but don't force yourself. I am so sorry for all the negative shit people say man. If you don't wanna do this than don't.

Hope you will be okay man and yeah, everybody felt so fucking awkward after finding out about Bonney's age like all that fanfiction in the past man.
3/3 c116 whindman
So been awhile since I read this and honestly while I haven't read the other reviews I will say it's interesting to me at least as while I may not have made it past the alabasta arc in the show I found you take on it entire story well written, don't let the hate keep you down can't wait to see what the rewrite comes out as
2/27 c116 17AeroJester203
LOL, I just imagined Sanji trying to woo Jewelry Bonnie just so Luffy “won’t get this one”, only for his flirting to go over her head every time. And if he ever found out her actual age, any hearts would abruptly pop as he feels that mortification you described.
2/26 c1 Geurtg
Buena historia
2/26 c116 773The Cowardly Christian
I'm sorry for all the negative comments, I really did like this story...

Uh, if your having trouble, I've been known to help people out with their writing, I could help you if you want...
2/24 c92 DogmaticNonsense
the hardest part to deal with is that you make luffy perfectly copy his manga actions like he remembers ever single step he took, it doesnt make sense when you do that but then you also have luffy conveniently forget things for you to follow og plot. dont do that in the rewrite, please.
2/24 c81 DogmaticNonsense
first get your crew stronger... entire point of going back...
hasnt done anything of the sort for 81 chapters. in fact, he only added more weak people to worry about and has only talked about it with his crew 1 time
2/24 c69 DogmaticNonsense
took you 69 chapters to finally start addressing the whole point of luffy coming back and just simply talk about actually making his crew stronger.
and almost 20 of zoro knowing he died in the future, failing their crew, and needing to get stronger but saying nothing about it. and close to 40 of him knowing about haki mind you. maybe you'll finally start adding some of your own plot...
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