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for The Triumph of These Tired Eyes

8h c33 Books85
This was excellent. There have been so many later updater tithe Marvel universe that I halfway expected to end up in Greenwich fighting the dark elves. Fine work in confounding the reader's expectations, then!

I really did not expect for a Loki-centric HP crossover to have so much familial love and kindness. Well done, indeed. Thank you
14h c29 Books85
hid you plan on yhis chaptr ending back when you wrote the scene when eight year old Harry taught Loki how to promise "Cross my heart..." Lovely.

I also want to commend you on the search for Jormumgandr. When Hermione first started looking for mysterious magical creatures/serpents, I feared you would go with Nessie. That would be entirely too cute. This is much more fitting.

Enjoying this very much; a well crafted tale that is not forced. Thank you.
10/18 c28 Armiture
Since Loki met with the Norns, I've suspected that the mortality the spell Loki cast detected was from the Horcrux and not from Harry but the spell had no means of properly communicating that so it displayed that Harry was mortal in error.
10/18 c26 Armiture
It's been an interesting version of the first Avengers movie and I'm looking forward to what happens when MACUSA tries to get in Harry's face about violating the Statute of Secrecy.
10/18 c5 Jack S
I'm down to take over the world.
10/18 c1 L.K.K.M.R.T.25
This was one of the best stories I've ever read. I've never cried so much for a story before, thank you so much for writing this.
10/18 c19 Armiture
This was a very emotionally charged chapter, good job. Though it's a shame that Loki didn't pay attention to the last words spoken by the Fates.

I forgot to mention this earlier, but in the chapter where they went after the fake locket in the cave, I was expecting Harry to notice that the locket in the potion reservoir had no evil aura and looked just like the locket that Kreature kept. It was sad that Dumbledore had to die then and not live longer.
10/17 c7 Armiture
I like the twists and turns you've been putting into the HP saga portion of this story; though it is obvious that Dumbledore heard the second prophecy and let Wormtail escape because of it.

The tonguelashing given Bumbledore was exquisite and I really enjoyed it.

I look forward to when to get to the Asgard portion of this story. I assume you'll be using the Marvel version of the Norse mythos and it amuses me that Harry has a poison dagger when in the original myths, Thor dies of the Midgard Serpent's venom during Ragnarok.
10/11 c33 hibarishikaru21s
I'm just sad that Draco,Luna,Susan, and many others were gone... it really broke my heart,but nevertheless-made the heart breakingly sad moments worth it! Although I am not that fond of Siruis,I totally was saddened by his death...I wish he lived long enough to know of Harry's true heritage because Harry and his friends were the only ones who really knew.
10/11 c33 hibarishikaru21s
Truly,this is the best Avenger/Harry Potter crossover fanfiction that I have ever seen,and I loved it! I cried,I laughed,I got mad, and then I was happy. All of these I felt genuinely just by reading this story and it was absolutely amazing. Cleverly written and well plotted out,I absolutely love the relationship between Loki and Harry and you really made me believe that he would die in the end! Thank you for such a wonderfully written story and for making this one of the best stories of crossovers out there~! I love this, every moment of it!
10/10 c5 hibarishikaru21s
I love it...I LOVE IT SO MUCH! Ron,Neville,Hermione,Draco and Blaise are so loyal to Harry with their friendship with him!
10/10 c4 hibarishikaru21s
T-this chapter... somehow...this all feels so freaking adorble!Like, the bonding between Harry and Loki made me go "Ugh, my heart-!So adorable~!*dies of nosebleeding from all the cutenessI totally love their interaction,omg!
10/7 c33 Inu Tashiro p
This story was perfect!
10/1 c33 Poseidon63
OK, first of all AMAZING! This entier Fic is just pure epicness.
You have a way of writing thats is just amazing. There are only about 3-4 fics that can make me cry and i'm glad to say that this is on the top of my list for great fics and fics that make me cry. It has been my honor to read such a great fic.
9/23 c33 cutandpaste101
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