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8/15/2016 c5 13Super mega super ultra mega
Wait...is that an Energy Sword
8/15/2016 c3 Super mega super ultra mega
If I was there right now here is what I would do.
GIB WAFFLES NOW. I NEED MY DAILY WAFFLES. *takes the waffles and jumps out the window.*
10/17/2014 c6 DV330
Nice to hear something from you regarding the story. Looking forward to any new chapter
10/17/2014 c6 24Izlawake
Take your time, and do not worry about the facts that you got wrong because they were not even confirmed back when you wrote it. I wrote an Arkos fic where Jaun gets a gift from his family before teh dance episode which reveals he has 7 sisters, wheras in my fic, he has two sisters, a brother, and a pet goldfish.
8/17/2014 c2 Guest
This is an ├╝ber cute fic :). It made my smile when I was upset yesterday
7/27/2014 c3 31ObeseCommando
This story seems promising, though there are some grammatical errors. I'm not sure if I can finish it due to my own personal tastes, sadly. I'd like to see some canon Summer Rose and Qrow to get a feel for those characters first.

Don't let this discourage you from continuing your story. It is making people happy.
7/18/2014 c5 Guest
Is the last weapon the energy sword from halo?
7/20/2014 c5 Reptainlove
Im not good at finding easter eggs... so... the dwarf with the battle axe. Idk where but it seems familiar. Some with the guy who betrayed the king... and then the blue glowing blades. Ive never ever watched a second of star wars, but Im sure thats the answer
7/18/2014 c5 4ODST110
well, there are more than 3 easter eggs. and if someone managed to name the story in which one of them originally took place, you get your very own cookie. . . .or at least a very tantalizing picture of one. remember, first to name them all, or whoever gets the most gets props in the next chapter
6/30/2014 c3 24Izlawake
Sorry if I have been a bit lacking lately. Anyway, I am liking this story so far, it is very heart-warming. I like what you are doing and you have sorta inspired me to write my own Summer Rose fanfic. You get bonus points for adding your own mythos pertaining to Jaune's family heirloom sword as well. Love it, almost feels canon almost.
6/27/2014 c5 1Little Snuggle
Wow, honestly? I absolutely love this story! Please, don't stop writing! Summer and Ruby are so cute! Oh, and I have a guess as to what the Easter Egg in the next chapter will be. Is it the Grif-Shot (Bruteshot) from RvB? Cause that'd be awesome if it was XD
6/26/2014 c5 paradoxsteel
Hay as long as the chapter is good you have my support and good luck on the chapter.
5/25/2014 c3 27Madcinder
I think I'm more like Qrow, then. I hate the snow. At least I can understand what other people like about it, though.
5/21/2014 c4 EgoTheRenatus
Nice work man, keep up the good work!
5/22/2014 c4 16BlackenedHearts
Well, I finally got around to reading as you asked, and hrmm, it's okay. A few things could use improvement.

As was previously said, when the speaker changes you need to separate it into a new line. Multiple people should not be speaking in the same paragraph.

One major thing I feel that you could improve upon is showing us rather than flat out telling us. While simply telling us things isn't necessarily bad, certainly more to the point, it gets a little boring. Appeal to the senses a bit more, give us some more visuals for one.

Some other small mistakes with conventions, capitalization, wrong homophones, etc. Perhaps a bit more proofreading, not gonna nitpick it all in the review.
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