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8/9/2014 c18 neverlandspirit
Oh god, why did this chapter have to end? We were finally getting some answers...
Arthur's pain seared my heart :-( but at the same time you gave us a hint too :-) Although i haven't quite deciphered it yet...My sad theory is that they are in Arthur's head and he was the one in coma, but then what about Ari ?
Oh pretty pretty please update soon, don't leave us hanging in agony. I must know what happens
This chapter was excellent...can't wait for more.
Thanks .
8/9/2014 c18 Coffeebean
OK, theory time. Is Ariadne dead from the accident?! If that's the case, Cobb is a great friend for trying to make it easy for Arthur but that is going to be so hard to read. You're good, real good.

First time reviewing an Inception fanfic (recently got hooked in the fandom, yeah I know I'm late in the game) and your stories are one of my favorites. You do have a penchant for writing heart-wrenching scenes that makes the reader feel for the character. Hoping to read more from you when you're done with this story. :)
8/5/2014 c1 Thatonegirl
The movie Inception was confusing enough, but your amazing story BLEW MY MIND APART.
7/30/2014 c17 12RadCherishIsEve
I am so confused but I'm so happy I'm confused! Like, I don't know what's happening but I love it! And, you mentioned one of my all time favorite movies so yay! I'm still really liking the whole R/A/A but poor Arthur! But at the same time, poor Robert! And I love the interaction between Ariadne and Browning, using Robert to her advantage. I'm glad we get to see how Robert "really loved her" but how did that happen...I love the mystery you're giving us! And oh my gosh, Ariadne's wallpaper is one of the cutest things ever! I love that Arthur is so in love with her, and I know she loves him too but there's so much going on I don't know who to feel more bad for...probably all three of them. Can't wait to see what's going to happen next!
7/29/2014 c17 neverlandspirit
Woah ...this chapter is full of what if's. How is it possible for both Art and Robert to have the same experiences.? What if in the dream instead of killing themselves and waking up, they just went another layer deeper? What if...i don't know, and i love it.
Thanks for the chap. It was amazing, and heartbreaking, and nail biting as always
7/29/2014 c17 Lauraa-x
I'm suuuuuper confused, but intrigued at the same time! What the hell is happening?! They must still be dreaming. Ari must be using her memories with Arthur and somehow mixing Robert with them. It must seem crazy to Ari how Arthur and Roberts stories are strangely similar, but it's throwing up warning signs all over! Obviously Arthur's are real and Robert's are made up, or is it the other way round?...hmmmmmmmm
I understand why Ari's going to both of them to figure out which one is real, but it's just making her more confused. I don't know why she's even questioning it. There's Eames, Yusef and Dom who can vouch for her relationship with Arthur. On the other hand, there's only Robert and his words...
It's breaking my heart that Arthur is being kept out of the loop and is so selfless when I comes to Ari. I know that Arthur has some idea that Ari speaking to Robert, but I wonder how he's going to react when he find out the whole story. It's going to hurt him that Ari is questioning about who's telling the truth :(
Great chapter, the progression of the story is picking up pace. Got so many twist and turns, I have no clue what's happening or why or how this is going to end lol. You're doing a great job as always :) Please update soon!
p.s. I loooooove Sam Smith and this song that you've paired the chapter with :D xx
7/23/2014 c16 RadCherishIsEve
The guilty pleasure of loving the short rift between Arthur and Ariadne and then we see Ariadne telling Robert that she's in love with Arthur. But it makes me so happy to know that they've made up. I think the parts with them in the park would have to be my favorite AriArthur moment in this story so far. I feel bad for Robert, though. I still kinda ship R/A (okay, maybe a lot) and it makes me sad that it's not gonna happen BUT there will never be anyone better for Ariadne than Arthur. And also, since Robert bad-mouthed Arthur, that loses him points. I love that Ariadne defended him! This chapter doesn't have any twists and turns...which makes me afraid for the next few ones!
7/22/2014 c16 Lauraa-x
Erm what?! Roberts in love with Ari?! O.O It's understandable how and why he's fallen for her, but it's not real and he's getting consumed by it. Now it looks like he set up this job for the team to get close to Ari. I don't trust Robert at all!
So glad she told Arthur about it, I thought after her conversation with Yusef she was going to end things with him...
Glad Arthur acted on impulse and took her out of the apartment. That's what they both needed some time away from everyone. Funny that Arthur just went out in his pj's lol. Love that he would do and wear whatever for Ari, just to make her happy.
I wonder how Arthur going to deal with Robert. Will he do something when they're dreaming and make Robert forget Ari or will he go and have a chat with Robert to clear things up. On the other hand, I wonder what Roberts going to do now that Ari's turned him down, is he going to keep trying or find a way to hurt her.
Thanks for the update, can't wait for the next! xx
7/21/2014 c16 Neverlandspirit
WHAT? Robert cannot, absolutely cannot be in love with Ari. Ari and Art are meant for one another, its simply the way of the world. But it was sweet of him-stalkerish, creepy but sweet.
Another wonderful chapter, another wave of questions. Loving it.
I am 60% sure this is a dream. Was Robert checking his totem?
Ari and Art in Central park..cute
Thanks for this update and wonderful chap
7/18/2014 c15 Maeverikk
I'd just like to say that you're an AMAZING author. The plot is confusing (in a good way) and keeps me on my toes, and your words draw the reader in so that they feel like they're there, too. Keep up the good work! I can't wait to read more!
7/17/2014 c9 Maeverikk
This story is amazing! It's well thought out and brings me right into the words. Amazing.
7/16/2014 c15 RadCherishIsEve
This was sad :( I really don't like it when Arthur and Ariadne fight but at the same time, it makes me happy because at some point, they'll realize things and they'll be even closer! I hope it isn't bad to like this side of Arthur, the super protective side. And my heart just broke when he left the room! And our poor Ariadne :( I don't even know what to say. I don't want them to be all dreaming again, because then, that means Arthur and Ariadne's relationship might be strained again :( But since this story is too awesome, so will be the twists. And I'm still thinking it's the head injuries.
7/15/2014 c15 neverlandspirit
I...i dont know about anything anymore. This is great.
Loving the story more nd more after each chap. Poor AArthur ...he is going through sol much stress. Air and arts fight really tore me apart.
Wonderful chap. Can't wait to see where it leads to next. Maybe they yet are dreaming
7/15/2014 c15 Lauraa-x
Uh oh, thought everything was fine and dandy between Arthur and Ari. I guess things have been bubbling up in the past couple of weeks and Robert is just fuelling that fire and making things worse between them. Got a feeling Ari must be secretly texting Robert or something, or he is watching them. The flowers couldn't have just been a coincidence...
Scary seeing Ari like this, having these odd episodes. She's having them spaced out and it looks like Arthur will have it happen to him over a couple of hours. Kinda like Mal and Cobb.
Hmm, things don't look to good, it just keeps going downhill for them :/ I hope there's a light at the end of the tunnel soon...
Looking forward the next chapter, thanks for the update. I hope you're doing well! xx
7/13/2014 c14 I love you Roza
I am in love with this story! I just binge read the whole thing and I couldn't put it down. There are so many twists and turns and I really REALLY do not like Robert! He's totally got the apartment bugged. He sits in a room and watches Ariadne! I love Arthur! He's so sweet! I really liked the flashbacks in the other chapters! They were so sweet! They made my heart melt considering Arthur thought they weren't real memories and it was so sad to see him sad. I cannot wait to see what twists and turn you pull next.
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