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for Uncertainty

4/4/2014 c3 Lauraa-x
I don't know why I find Arthur acting like a crazy stalker adorable lol. But at least he has some self control. Anyways...Arthur is so obsessed with her I don't think he'll stop till he has something similar to what he had in his dream. Ari's going find his behaviour very strange if she takes the job and her curiosity will probably want to find out why he's acting like that. Then she's going to be super creeped out lol.
I liked that your threw in Tyler into the mix, I wonder if they're just friends or something more. Arthur and his jealousy could push him to do something more stupid to have her.
Bless Miles, he's so protective of Ari and I think he's going to worry more after he's found out what Arthur is doing and if she takes the job. His relationship with Arthur is slowly going to disintegrate. He's definitely going tell Cobb what's happening.
I think Ari's going to take the job, but what would happen if she doesn't? What would Arthur do then? Would he just continue to stalk her or give up?
Aah so many questions in my head, I'm sure you'll answer them as the story progresses :) Great chapter as always. Can't wait for the next update! xx
3/28/2014 c2 Lauraa-x
Bless Arthur, he is going a tad bit crazy over Ari, but it's understandable. What he had/has with Ari is special and it will be hard to let go of. Got to say it is a little creepy (but sweet in a weird way) that Arthur is stalking her. Going to be interesting when they 'properly' meet each other. Got a feeling Arthur might do some odd things when he's with her which might creep her out lol. Great chapter, please update soon! xx
3/28/2014 c2 neverlandspirit
Wow. This is amazing, although i am quite scared where it may all lead····Honestly i am having the same doubts as Arthur· Thanks for the update. You are brilliant.
3/26/2014 c1 whatshername76
Really good start. Got a feeling we will be questioning whether this is real or a dream. Hope you update soon
3/26/2014 c1 cinematherapy
I like it so far, please continue!
3/26/2014 c1 Lauraa-x
I'm loving this already! Lovely fluffy stuff to off start with, which I always love between these two and then it all went wrong so quick :( Hmm, Arthur must be dreaming right? He couldn't have just magically made up a person with that much detail and feelings put into it. Brilliant start, can't wait for the next update! xx
3/26/2014 c1 Neverlandspirit
love it already...Amazing chapter
Thank you for posting a new story so quickly, I really was missing you.
Flawless chapter. Loved the fluff.
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