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4/11/2019 c5 00JuJubee00
Update! TT_TT
3/27/2018 c6 00JuJubee00
I really wish this would update with chapter 8. Such a good story. (
1/17/2017 c7 00JuJubee00
Loved the chapter! The lemon was spicy lol, update soon I'm loving this and The Good Samaritan.
12/1/2016 c1 kreack
love it
5/1/2016 c7 sexyniss2datenthpower
So gooood
4/18/2016 c7 39midnightlibra89
Can't wait for more! This is a really good story!
4/17/2016 c1 midnightlibra89
Oh interesting!
2/18/2016 c5 Guest
wtf messy story... too many character only in 7 chapter
2/5/2016 c3 4Hottstuff JK
Why does everyone one in her remind me of characters from bleach?
11/29/2015 c7 9dawn chase
See kids. This is why in the anime world you can never have a purely sexual relationship. Because in there feelings always develop which leads to angst. :D So happy! I can't wait for the next chapter!
11/28/2015 c7 3I'm a Coffee Bean
11/24/2015 c7 Geminirose
Another good chapter and I'm starting to enjoy this little history of this story. Please update soon and I hope you feel better as well.
11/21/2015 c7 Rexsoka20
Damn it Plzz update update
11/20/2015 c7 Yana5
Thank you for the update
11/20/2015 c7 1Elyonne
Wow, the amount of thoughts and details going into this world is impressive! I am never much of a history person -unless they involves tactics and battles- but this is fascinating! (Though you'll have to excuse me if I skim through a little on the additional information :p) Really liked the fact that Akihito has a high status in this world. It always seem rather sad to me that their social standings are world apart in the manga, which felt like a huge barrier. I really look forward to the development of their relationship. Great story! Looking forward to the next chapter!
p.s. The number of rulers named Asami Ryuichi is too amusing. I get that there were many King Henry and Queen Elizabeth but having 'Asami Ryuichi' duplicated is just too hilarious. XD
p.p.s. I think you're amazing to continue fighting even with two figurative bombs dropped on you. I hope things will look up for you. All the best!
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