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2/1/2020 c6 KiMisty
Romantic sounds freakin SEXXXY! And HOT! Would LOVE to read that! And also would still love some "platonic" rivalry throughout it as well (or better put, whatever relationship this story has been taking on has also been "edgy" and hot!)

This was a FANTASTIC read and I really do hope to read more of your work! You're writing is GREAT and I absolutely LOVE your character personalities, the twists and turns the stories take, the relationship between the two of them, and your word usages are AMAZING!

Thanks for writing this and I hope to read more of your work! D }
2/1/2020 c5 KiMisty
I love the "voice" and personality of these guys! Awesomeness! Can't wait to read more! D B)
2/1/2020 c2 KiMisty
Loving this so far! Lovin the story and his emotions and feelings that are arising...a super interesting take with his relationship with White! *curious to read more* D )
4/8/2018 c6 Sunshineg9
This story was actually kinda cute and tbh I enjoyed it
7/13/2017 c6 1M.G36
I literally just found this story and I actually really enjoyed it. I hope you continue it eventually, whether it turns into slash or not. I'll read it either way.
11/14/2016 c6 Cracker Jack
Thanks for continuing this.
It really cheered me up!
I think its a great ending for your story but it would be interesting to see what happens after this.
And the waiting was worth it. :)
11/13/2016 c5 16hahaold
"Satisfactory ending"?
That was one of the most least satisfying endings imaginable!
The suspense is still killing me after all these years.
C'mon man, can you please continue this?
11/5/2016 c6 Cracker Jack
More than a year and still nothin'.
Well, I guess we'll still have to wait. Heh, if you update it, it'll be worth it...
Until then.
5/18/2016 c6 2AMaskyBoi
1/3/2016 c6 16hahaold
Haha! Finally! It's continuing! Thank you so much.
This story is just so awesome. I desperately wish to see more of it.
1/2/2016 c6 Guest
I really, really hope you start writing again soon! This story's barely started and it would be a shame to not continue abd give it a conclusion (the part about Black's mind and the Hawaiian islands, though... God I love witty writing like that)!
8/14/2015 c5 Guest
Its a really good story. Im looking forward to more
5/17/2015 c5 Lady Grey
This is awesome, and I just wanted to ask if there will be anymore soon. :)
5/11/2015 c5 3lemmingbeans
Really interesting, I absolutely love this plot and how you switch the point of views! It's really cool how you've turned a more of a mutual hate relation ship into something more and shown us a completely different side to these characters! Please, please, please keep up the breathtaking work!
9/5/2014 c5 5Rex the Memelord
ok, first Spy vs Spy story...AND THIS WAS FUCKING AWESOME, I like how Chris and James(I see the Bond puns you make) have similar personalities(like in the comics/shows) but they're still completely different, I love this PLEASE CONTINUE, I'M BEGGING YOU!
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