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for The Most Beautiful Sore Thumb I've Ever Seen

10/14/2017 c6 12Talesofwovensilver
Okay so I've suddenly had major Kelly/Annabelle feels and so have been scrolling through fanfiction looking for some good ones, and this is probably one of the first that I've read of good quality that I really like. I feel like it stays true to the characters and gives them more depth than I've found in most fics. I know this fic hasn't been updated since 2016 but it doesn't say its abandoned in the description so if you were still thinking about carrying on this story I would love to read what happens next.
4/13/2016 c6 amber.disley.5
Oh my god. Please please please please please please please please update. You are such an amazing writer and your story line is captivating. I can't wait X
2/21/2016 c6 Ann
Very cool! I like Annabelle's and Chelsea's friendship, it's cute! Please update soon
2/19/2015 c3 deletedaccount56721
Love it. Please update it soon.
1/3/2015 c3 4Professor Alice Song
OMG I love this so fricking much! Please update! I want them together! Great job :) x
12/13/2014 c3 10lilqueer
You seem to have Annabelle's character nailed and that's no small feat! Very interesting so far. I look forward to seeing where this goes next.
9/24/2014 c2 guest
That's very cool! thanks for updating! I hope you post more :)
3/30/2014 c1 Psychiatric Apples
This chapter was just what happened in the movie but it'll be interesting to see how you get a Annabelle/Kelly pairing to make sense according to Canon but this is fanfiction so screw Canon and write some kick ads kelbelle.
3/27/2014 c1 24CrazyRach
You must have watched this scene sooo many times to get it right! But anyways, this is very well written. I look forward to the next chapter :)

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