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for What they call fate -or karma-

8/25/2016 c2 100detectivejigsaw
Oh no...
It's a shame; it really looked like Dr. Einstein was finally free of the Brewsters. Poor little fella.
This is exciting! If you want to keep working on it, I would look forward to reading it. Though I hope neither Einstein nor Mortimer ends up dying; that would be too sad.
4/29/2014 c1 1Whammytap
In many ways, this "Arsenic and Old Lace" fanfiction is my favorite (and I'm fairly sure I've read them all). First off, I doff my hat to you for writing this in the first person from Dr. Einstein's point of view. I don't think I've read a fic for this fandom yet that does that. I feel voyeuristic reading this, being actually INSIDE of Dr. Einstein's head-it's a very intimate place to be. It was compelling, totally addictive. I keep reading it over and over again. Everything he does is in character; I don't have any trouble imagining him reacting the way he does. My heart aches for his brokenness in the beginning, his lost hopelessness at the end, and his fear and exhaustion throughout. The fact that it is him narrating his own story drives home every feeling I've ever had about him. It's a delicious torture.

The translation to English is quite good; I also let Google translate it for me and read the two side-by-side. Google's syntax is hopelessly lost, but there are a few beautiful verbs and adjectives that Google gives me, giving deeper layers of meaning to the text. An occasional strange conjugation or sentence structure actually works in this piece, since English is not Dr. Einstein's first language, either. The few minor errors I noticed make it sound quite like the doctor's voice. You have some very pretty phrases in this story! I love "evaporated reasonings," how 5 hours pass as "a couple of centuries," and how/why he likens himself to a professor. How I wished I could press healing lips to the three wounded fingers wrapped around that glass!

I am quite curious about the dandy and why he helped Dr. Einstein, also why the doctor was bailed out under the name of Abby and Martha's latest victim. I hope, I hope, and I hope fervently that your readership will be treated to at least one more chapter-I must know the outcome of the dandy's mystery identity and what he has to propose to our gentle, wayward doctor.

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