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for Swords of the Eternals: Ageless

5/10/2018 c10 Mette
Great story! Everyone feels in character and this feels like another book.
5/2/2017 c21 Rayah19
I just wanna say Thank You for being an author who actually completes all of their stories. I've been waiting for months to come across someone like you.
8/30/2015 c22 8SeeSea22
can i just say HOLY FUCK! can i have more of this pretty please?!
7/21/2014 c12 Daisy
I love this chapter so much I read it over and over again I mean it's just so so sweet
7/7/2014 c12 Daisy
I'm rereading this chapter because it's my favorite I love that last line "Kendra just let herself cry a little into his jacket, and somewhere deep inside her, an old flame that still had a spark left, burnt a little brighter." It's so beautiful and poetic
6/30/2014 c1 TeamLeo2772
You should think about getting this published!
4/26/2014 c13 MagicWitch
Seth's mirror image: "I love Bracken!"
That's half adorable, half obvious XD
4/27/2014 c22 1Seline49
How is it over!Is there gonna be a sequal cause it just got good
4/25/2014 c22 MeTheAwesome
So if this Adalyn chick is a girl, and he also likes Kendra, but now he's liking Seth, does that make him bi or just Seth-sexual?
*clears throat* *best announcer voice ever* STAY TUNED
4/25/2014 c21 MeTheAwesome
That is all.
4/23/2014 c20 MeTheAwesome
So cute -
4/22/2014 c19 MeTheAwesome
I officially deem this couple as Bracketh. If anyone wants to hate on it, shut up.
4/22/2014 c18 MeTheAwesome
Nice chapter! Keep it up!
4/23/2014 c20 3Shaielle
I like him, I am interesting what will be in the next chapter:) I apologise for mistakes, I am using google explain, I am from Poland
PS. Gavendra forever! xD
4/20/2014 c17 MeTheAwesome
Poor Adalyn :(
Very nice, keep it up!
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