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for Love Wars

7/28/2019 c24 3brandonleewolfe1
I like it. it was funny and romantic
1/3/2018 c24 Oakley Pines
I have to say, i become more and more impressed with your adventure time fan fictions! Hope to see more soon!
3/5/2016 c24 Guest
Sequel please
11/24/2015 c21 Guest
This better get banned
8/6/2015 c24 Guest
I think that the sequel should be a darksiders crossover where the daughters main love interest accompanies his master war to the shattered earth and fin finally gets to see what has befallen his people, why they left their homeworld in the first place.
1/24/2015 c2 NeoNexus15
holy fuck there is no pacing here,,,
its all over the globbin place,,,
7/30/2014 c10 JoshuaTheTraveller
Dude i can say that the cheesy and sweet parts are going through my barrier. But as i read this. There is a lack of "description" to what everyone looks like(what are their outfits or the dress theyre wearing), the look of the surrounding, are they standing with hands on their hips or are their heads looking at the floor.. did they gasp or did they say it bluntly, you know what im saying? Every scene has a lack of the pictural description. We see when the setting is in action. What did they talked the 3 royalties talked about while joking, what did they talk about finn while they are at lunch,its like a fast forward of whats happening. Kinda bland .

And heres some more: Whos the old man? Is he a green humanoid? Does he look like phil? Is he a one eyed hermit? And the evil sword: is it a black molten sword with veins containing scorching lava and runic inscripts on between ? Or is it a red fire sword with flaming wings on its handle? . It lacks so much of that bro. You can do better
6/19/2014 c24 Broken In7
Well this is the second story where Finn impregnates those three girls, the question is where will you take it with Finn's children. If you make a sequel.
6/18/2014 c23 Broken In7
Damn. I need to review or else you'll think I don't care.
6/13/2014 c24 2Jacob.Uzumaki
love it bro keep it up
6/1/2014 c24 GTBEAST
NIce ending bro... is there gonna be a second season? or what?
5/31/2014 c24 The Book of Eli
Mind blowing and a sweet ending thank you.
5/31/2014 c24 9He23t
cant wait for the sequel good job
5/30/2014 c24 The Nephilim King Michael
Epic emotion live and job on the ending x)

And now all is peaceful with fin Marcy fp pb Nd their new family together
and it seems Finn gonna get more tine with his loves
5/30/2014 c24 Roberto
I loved this story and the ending! It was amazing! Amazing job!
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