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for A Vixen's Heart

7/26 c5 Guest
i like the story please update soon and more often.
2/21 c5 Nathair1

This is a good story, if not for the errors. Saying that kyuubi was a guy in this story is inconsistent with both what kyuubi admitted AND the story description

The biggest problem for this story, not counting the facts that it has been over 5 years since the LAST update and the mixed up gender for chapters 4-5, is that all of the chapters are STUPIDLY SHORT. Honestly, I thought that the chapters would be longer than they are
2/21 c4 Nathair1
Kyuubi supposed to be a GIRL in this story, NOT A DAMN GUY!
3/18/2018 c5 Takadoshi Uzumaki
i like how kurama some how became a man even though it introduced itsself as a female...
9/29/2017 c5 4LoneWolf9897
Is an interesting story I'm want to see where your going with this

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