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for A Demon Among Devils

9/19 c3 1Odnoglazyy Rytsar
How, tragically ironic that Minato had summoned the persona of the one he had just mentioned.
9/19 c12 Gilgamesh King of Mongrels
Western modernist bullshit
9/3 c12 Avald
8 Crusades in response to over a thousand Jihads, and this is somehow excessive? Truly the bias of western education rearing its head.
8/23 c22 15Vanessa Masters
Get off of me."

"Sorry Yuuto! I'm trying!"

"Oh for the love of… Just how much does that damned suit of armor weigh!?"

"Ddraig says it's impolite to ask for a dragon's weight!"

"I'm not asking Ddraig how much he weighs! I'm asking how much you weigh!"

"Ddraig says Scale Mail is an extension of his will onto my body. So it's exactly like asking him how much he weighs!"

"Even if that's the case, it still shouldn't weigh this much!"

"Body acceptance is a thing, Yuuto! Just because some dragons are wide on the outside doesn't mean they can't be skinny on the inside! Dragons are beautiful no matter what shape or size they are!"



And Rias, stealing a kiss, two , and also stealing his air XD
8/23 c21 Vanessa Masters
Lol Shin kicking, dog-boarding.

And Rias cousin being a big pervert like Issei. Lol or bigger, I've sent eh guy, he's swol.
8/23 c20 Vanessa Masters
Pfft cock block templars, and it was all a scam by rias to cause chaos.


Yes you can," the first knight growled as they stomped near, "You can begin by telling us where that foul temptress has taken the Nephilim to."

The woman stared at the halberd tips pointing at her face and then at the prayer-scrolls and oath-papers lining every inch of their gleaming warplate.

"I'm sorry, but is this some sort of cosplay contest I wasn't aware of? Because we do have rooms catered for that as well."

All ten knights gasped.

"She's trying to tempt us!"

"She's been corrupted too!"

"I'm already thinking bad thoughts!"

"There is only one recourse left to us, my brothers," Erich's voice shook with emotion, "We must initiate a full head-on assault into the depths of this hive of villainy! We must save the Nephilim before the taint affects him as well! Leave no place unturned! Break down every door if you have to! If it means preserving the Nephilim's purity, then we will gladly subject ourselves to the depravities occurring within!"


Rofl act on those bad thoughts, then you'll be less crazy!

Also, Raynare, you better quite, or Ariasto will sic Thanatos on you again.
8/23 c19 Vanessa Masters
The girl glanced at him quizzically.

"What do you mean by that?"

He shrugged again.

"To you he might always be the father who couldn't save your mother and almost couldn't save you. To him, he will always be the husband who wasn't there to protect his wife and almost wasn't there to protect his daughter. The former portrays him to be a failure. The latter paints him as a monster. I imagine that any hatred you feel towards him does not compare to the loathing he feels towards himself."

"Then why does he keep on trying to contact me?" Akeno blurted out, "If he feels the same way you are describing, then he should be ashamed of facing me, yet he keeps on trying to meet me, trying to speak with me even though he knows I don't want anything to do with him."

"All good fathers love their daughters," the girl looked down and said nothing, "and no amount of shame or self-loathing will prevent him from doing what is right. And maybe, just maybe he keeps on contacting you so that you will have an outlet for your own frustration and anger. So that when you see him trying to speak to you, you will hate him and forget about your own grief, at least for a little while."

The devil frowned, though the expression was far from displeased, merely contemplative.

"You're saying he's doing this all on purpose?"

"I don't pretend to know why people do what they do," he smiled, "I just try and see things from their perspective."


He's gotta point, see it from your father's view, Akeno.

And awww, she gets to chat with her mother one last time.

Ooooh! Rofl of course Uriel would enjoy the sudden gender bender.

And WHY did Azael have a gun like that?

And when have Kiba and Shines gotten together?
8/23 c18 Vanessa Masters
Issei needed a kick in the ass, or back of the legs to make a move on Asia, but now, he needs to do so with Koneko next lol

Two different shades of pink? I might have watched too much Two broke girls, but that would make the bed a vagina, in my opinion, and not to sound ...iffy, but I wouldn't get into that lol


And how do you propose to do that?"

The knight's reply was to walk away. His path took him past the crowd of uneasy dignitaries, past the herald who was looking interestedly on, past the leaders of the three factions who tensed as he neared, until he finally arrived before a tired and not entirely lucid form. The boy's companions huddled around him protectively as the knight neared, glaring at the naked sword still held threateningly in the Templar's hand. They were subsequently ignored. Ludolphus had eyes for only one among them, and as the man halted, their gazes locked, one glowering from a scarred, tattooed face burdened by the weight of its wars, the other watching from an impassive mask framed beneath a mop of untidy blue hair. Only one face displayed emotion, and it was that face who eventually spoke, lips parting into the beginning of a disapproving scowl.

"Are you the reason half my knights have started adopting cats?"

Sirzech's frown turned into a smile. Michael had to cover his mouth with his hand to hide his own. Azazel grinned openly.

The boy stared at the menacing form looming over him, sheathed entirely in metal, before nodding once. The sword was planted in front of him a split second later, the tip sinking easily into the ground. Armored hands placed themselves over the worn hilt as the Grand Master of the Knights Templar knelt to the one in front of him.

"The Knights Templar will serve the cause of the Nephilim," Ludolphus touched the pommel of his blade with his forehead before looking fiercely up, "He, at least, has shown us the truth."



And what the Hell, that leviathan girl wants a Ariasto clone, or to make persona? It'll back fire.

Well, CaoCao, I'm with yah, I agree when my enemies are right and even more when I agree with them.

Graat chapter funny and serious too
8/23 c17 Vanessa Masters
Nidhigg against Nidhigg?

Intense, I can't put it down!

Oh, cao cao, you're no hero either.
8/23 c16 Vanessa Masters
My goals are humanity's goals," Cao Cao replied without breaking stride, "and in pursuing those goals, I am furthering the cause of humanity."

"Through this?" he gestured to the ranks of men and women gazing emptily at him, "By doing this? What faction will not laugh at your cause after they see what you do to your own kind? You say they are taking advantage of us. You say they are manipulating us. What are you doing right now but taking advantage of innocent people and manipulating their minds into fighting for you? All they have to do is point out what you have done and all of your arguments will amount to nothing."

"You are right," the hero nodded, "Which is why we must make our arguments known through force. But I do not expect someone like you to understand," the boy's handsome face scrunched up into an expression of disdain, "You make excuses for those who would enslave us. You befriend those who would subjugate us. You are a traitor to humanity."

For the first time in his life, it was incredulity that made him speak, disbelief that formed words through his lips.

"And you count that as some unforgivable crime? You, who bind people's minds so that they will fight blindly for you? You, who hurl them into battle against their fellow man? You, who through whatever means, have taken away their right to choose? And you say I am a traitor to humanity?"


Oooh, good one!

Oh, yikes, metatron, Belial and Helel make some points, thou I agree that Helel pushes for humans to turn bad to prove himself right in his arrogance.

And Now this lunatic Cao Cao.
8/22 c15 Vanessa Masters
Angel of Might.

And Helel!? O.o oh wow, leave me breathless!
8/22 c14 Vanessa Masters
"Such defeatism is beneath you, Lord of Hosts. You must continue to hope. Salvation may be delayed, but it cannot be denied."

The seraph shook his head.

"I hold in my hands the reins of a crumbling kingdom, and you ask me to hope."

"You hold the foundations. The key. The towers of a keep may crumble. Its battlements may be in ruin, but as long as the foundation is preserved, a new one can be built in its place."

"That is the work of God," Michael said softly, "and God is dead."

Metatron's answer was a knowing chuckle.

"You say that as though gods have never been reborn."

The two angels regarded one another in silence. Michael broke the gaze first.


That's true!

I mean, he came out of nothing, who says GOD can't come back?

I hope I. This verse.

Oh no, not Cap Cao!
8/22 c13 Vanessa Masters
No…" the Fallen Angel's visage was twisted in surprise, disfigured by fear. All around him, his minions recoiled as though physically struck, "It cannot be... You fell… You fell with Him."

Metatron tilted his head, a slight nod that carried immeasurable weight.

Through Fire and Flame. With Demon Blades in My Chest and Fallen Spears Impaled through My Limbs. I Fell. But before I did, I Cut Down a Hundred of Your Champions and Laid Them Low Beside the Body of My Lord.

The silver mask glanced upwards.

You were not One of Them, Kokabiel.

The Grigori snarled, and along with madness, fury glowed in his eyes.

Like a Coward You Fled, Unwilling to Taste My Wrath. Incapable of Standing Before My Fury. You Fled and in Your Place a Hundred of Your Allies Died for Your Crime.

Five pairs of crow-like wings stretched to their fullest extent. Their owner glared down at them, face an ugly mask hatred.

"I am the Slayer of God! I am the son who killed the father! I am the future of this world!"

You are a Vulture. A Carrion Bird Who Picks His Glory from the Corpses of Worthy Heroes. Why Do You Think the Others Stayed Their Hand? Azazel. Baraqiel. Even the Devils Would Not Touch Him. They Knew that In His Weakened State, There was no Glory in the Kill. More than that, They Knew What had Caused His Weakened State, and They would Not Kill the One Who had Saved Them All.

Kokabiel bared his fangs.

"It was a worthy kill!"

In contrast, Metatron's gaze remained utterly composed.

No more Worthy than the One Who Killed Him.


Gasp! So, Kokabiel killed God after he was weakend from dealing away THE BEAST.

but Raynare becomes a archangel and the other persona of the archangels are fully relessed to restore Heaven.

8/22 c12 Vanessa Masters
No! Raynare you were making such good progress!


Zealots," Uriel's gaze remained on the balcony. His tone had turned distasteful, "of all the sinners I have had to deal with, they are the worst of the bunch. Heretics, I can stand. Blasphemers a bit less. But zealots, they are the worst of the worst. They choose which tenets they will follow and ignore the rest, and should you argue against them they will not be above using force against you," the Archangel turned to regard them, a thin smile playing on his lips, "It was how the Crusades were started. Thousands and thousands of dead. Cities sacked and ruined. Civilizations brought to the brink of collapse. And if that was not enough, they had to have eight in a row! Eight Crusades, and it was left to us angels to pick up the pieces when they were done! Think of all the paperwork!"

They blinked. He sighed. Uriel chuckled. The seraph descended to land in the middle of them, blood red plate clinking harmoniously as they touched the ground. Bright, luminescent wings folded behind the armored back, and the light that had cast itself upon them all steadily faded until it was no more than an ebbing glow.

"The stubbornness of humans. More often than not it becomes willful ignorance," the seraph jutted his chin towards one of them, "Tell me, would you eat something that a great, celestial being strictly forbade you to?"

Asia looked up, her eyes wide, then shook her head.

"Ah, that makes you wiser than Adam and Eve then," Uriel said with a sage nod, "There are times I wonder if God cast humanity out of Eden for heeding the Serpent's lies or because He was too ashamed of the stupidity of His own creations."

Xenovia and Irina made faint choking sounds from where they knelt. The others wavered, still unsure. The Archangel noticed and grinned mischievously.

"Worry not, devils. You are not stupid, merely blasphemous. And I would prefer blasphemy over stupidity any day. Besides, if there was no blasphemy in this world, we angels would have very little to do and many of us would be out of a job. Can you imagine? I, the great Uriel, Archangel of Retribution, forced into the ignominy of unemployment?"


I can't name just one thing I love about this, Uriel. I'm in love, and he'll never fall for me...one way, or the other lol

The eyebrow waggle had me, but the way he's so...nice to the others, and was fatherly to Asia.

Oh, sweet, so nice. But appropriate to Mr blasphemous, how he burned so called 'holy men's before, he switched right back into Retribution mode.


Also, the cats bit and 'Heaveb is what you make of it.' and that's true.

And his wanting Xenia and Irina with him to stroke his ego lol pompous but lovable
8/22 c11 Vanessa Masters

The sword was planted between Xenovia and Irina. The tip ate into the hard floor with frightening ease. Xenovia reached out falteringly, as though scared to touch it. Irina smiled at the figure that was already walking past.

They made way for him. Koneko shook her head slowly. Her gaze flickered towards the trail of blood that were left in his wake. The girl shrugged as though she had expected it all along. Issei grinned at him. The grin grew fiercer as he saw what remained clutched in the other hand. Kiba sighed. The boy's stance relaxed and a small smile spread over his face. Only Asia seemed troubled, and that was only because of the flecks of red that dotted every inch of his clothing.

He reached the front. The Templars on the balcony trained their crossbows on him. Dozens of steel-tipped bolts pointed downwards. Somehow it did not seem like a menacing gesture at all, but a desperate one. He glanced upwards at them, and then hurled the object he had carried with him all this time.

It landed with a wet, meaty slap. An arm, its fingers still twitching, spurts of blood squirting from the stump and painting the ground with crimson smears.

The boy shrugged, almost apologetically when their gazes turned to him.

"He got away," he jerked his head back in the direction of the sword, "But he left that."

The silence that followed was broken by the enemy.

"Impossible!" Valper snarled and gripped the sides of the balcony. The Knights Templar around him shifted uneasily, "A devil cannot wield a holy sword, less alone the holiest of them!"

The figure that materialized suddenly behind the boy's back proved just how possible it was.

"Greetings," it said, its voice a lilting, melodious rasp, "I am Uriel. Tell me," it cocked its head to one side, almost in thought. The smile that formed over its face did not quite match the look in its eyes, "How do you choose to die?"



Iove it!
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