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for A Demon Among Devils

11/24 c17 Dasgun
11/21 c2 Dasgun
11/16 c22 RandoFox
"I'm going to go the shorter but more frequent update route, so hopefully the next chapter will come a long in less time." Well, I'm just gonna assume the author is dead
11/15 c19 RandoFox
I enjoyed that, it was a nice humourous ending
11/3 c22 LordAnimeMangaGame
Where are you when I needed you the most
11/2 c22 Lypros Melfdan
I don't like the romance but that's Dxd so it was meant to be wrong, still, I really appreciate everything else.
The protagonist is great compared to most, overpowered but not "mary sue", he is very human and the character development is interesting and realistic.
The personas are great too, more often than not in a crossover at least one of the two universes becomes unbelievable, but the way the personas fit in both in an almost perfect way is incredible, I do not read a lot of crossovers but the way this one has been done is a least three orders of magnitudes better in the mix between two stories than the second best I have read.
Also, for once, issei is an interesting character in this story. It is almost unheard of. Even in the original DxD, Issei is little more than an annoying character, funny if you can look past the rest but not interesting if you don't. In this story, he is not really different, but the light in which we see him is very different, or in other words: "I do not judge, I merely accept".
I find it really immersive how the descriptions are written in a similar way to the POV's mindset, it makes the DxD world completely different.
Also "enemies are people too" is usually stupid in the way it is done, but here it feels believable and even relatable.
Overall great fanfiction, with some flaws every now and then, sometimes the story is a little too slow, and sometimes it is a little too fast, it also is a DxD fanfiction which usually brings an absurd amount of flaws, it is surprising how little of them are still in this story. Other than that I would say it is close to perfection, I don't know how a persona dxd fanfiction could be better.
Good job.
10/19 c13 BorderLand
He is every faction on his own and I love that.
10/16 c22 Guest
Hope life is going better now. Maybe some day you can pick this up again.
10/15 c22 Andreas
I'm glad this ended on a good point, even if it was intended to go on longer. This might be the best fic of two fandoms.
9/19 c6 primus101
Your description of Nidhogg brings to mind ff14’s interpretation. That version also had scars on his face from when the knights twelve gouged out his eyes.
8/16 c22 TienMaD
Hello, I’m new here on 2022 and I read all of the chapters, and I gotta say, I love it, especially Minato x Rias too. I’m not sure if you’re online still or not, but hopefully if you would come back making more updates about this amazing story, that would be great.
8/4 c22 Guest
After playing persona I can confirm that Minato is not that overpowered and the author is just exaggerating things up .Sure he is powerful with his High Level Personas and High Level spells like the Megido Ma-dyne spells and could probably could defeat the lower and mid-end enemies of what he is shown here is so overpowered its almost laughable cause most of this is made up. Its well written for sure and probably a lot better than most DXD crososver fics for sure, But the main problem with fics like this for me is it lacks tension since the MC is so powerful there hardly no challenges other than the high ranking angels,devils and the there was more tension/ challenge and a real plotline and endgame. this could have a better story but it fell into what most crossover devolve into where the author wanks one side and to make the other look weak.
7/14 c13 Guest
I always love what I think are at least Warhammer 40K references that are scattered throughout this tickets for some reason anytime I see the Templars or any others cannot spoil things I'm reminded of black templar space Marines
7/14 c19 2V01dSw0rd
You know, using his image for advertising… is he getting Royalties?
7/13 c13 laughing dude
All I can imagine for the Templar's is the father from Bread Boys, and imagining 20 of him surrounding asia yelling "Protect the holy witch" is tickling my funny bone in a way that I didn't know could be tickled. AND I LOVE IT!
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