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10/27/2004 c9 46Batdz Angel
I loved this! I really hope you'll finish it soon! Please? Love the whole concept and I can't wait to see if you'll be updating soon...
4/18/2003 c4 Zzickle
I *knew* that sounded like it was from _The Last Unicorn_. Wow, it's been years since I read that book. . . .
3/3/2003 c9 LadyEvenstar
please update!

its good!
2/12/2003 c9 dustyvamp
Thanx for the extra long chapter! I really liked the child-like behavior between Xander and Spike! Loved it when Spike whined to Giles to make Xander give the candy back! *grin* Keep up the excellent work! By the way...this isn't exactly important..but just wanted to say that I've seen The Last Unicorn too. I used to watch it when I was a little kid.
2/8/2003 c9 6Jade2099
This story is WONDERFUL! I haven't been on FF for quite some time, but this story will definitely keep me coming back for more. I LOVED the humor...and you write the characters so beautifully!
2/8/2003 c9 Jacque
great story keep writing
2/8/2003 c4 kidd
The song you use is Chapter 3 is not "War" by the Cardigans, but "Weakness in Me" by Joan Armitrading
1/24/2003 c8 7elven-princess88
I used to LOVE the Last Unicorn when I was little! Just read your whole story and I think's it's great! It's on my favourites now :)
1/24/2003 c8 suniblaze
hey, neko!

ok, may i say WOW! i've been wondering why i've

never seen your story before. i just love it!

keep on writing-i have not seen a good season 5 story in a awhile. i await your next chapter. thanks ever so. suniblaze
1/22/2003 c8 dustyvamp
This is so great! I love it! The dialogue and descriptions are awesome! You're such a great writer and I think that you really deserve more reviews for this story! It's excellent!
1/22/2003 c3 20skyz
I really liked this chapter. I love the way you're writing Spike and Buffy.
1/22/2003 c2 skyz
I love this tory.
1/22/2003 c1 skyz
seriously loving your work here. Great.
1/22/2003 c8 Legion
Love the story. Esp with the wind bit. Couldya maybe sneak in some Dawn/Spike bonding? Always love those. Keep those chapters rolling in!
1/20/2003 c7 3Sweet N Low
I'm really enjoying this piece so far; you have an amazing writing style and I aspire one day to be as good as you are. Great characterizations; you really have them down pat, and the plot is intriguing. Keep up the wonderful work!
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